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    Lich seems to be one of those heroes that has a really underrated complexity in skill builds etc., just feels like the hero is missing something now, particularly without that microstun in his ult. Much less utility.


      My fav hero)


        fuk lich


          beast solo hard

          Eat Soup With A Fork

            This hero is fun top play in Ability draft too due to his talents

            Подконтрольные члены(ctrl...

              Молюсь чтобы его реворкнули.тупо ссыт на лицо любой трипле не подходя к крипам

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                  Midlane carry lich FTW! Thanks EDJE


                    Please get an editor... "is makes" took a few reads to figure out. There are several more phrasings in this article that could be smoothed over for easier reading as well.

                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                      There are surely ways to make Lich weaker, but I hardly see a reason to nerf him much more. Choosing a Lich is an obvious tell as to what you plan to do, therefore picking him early does a worse job of hiding later picks. My point is that having Lich makes it easier for the opposing team to begin making a plan.

                      On top of that, winning the lane definitely becomes a question of what rewards you get out of it. As the article states, Lich doesn't do well as the game goes late. The lack of any kind of stun really hampers his uttility, making the extra xp he gets far less useful. You have to be using his denies to aid a hero that really needs or really benefits from having a lane advantage. I've found that running a dual mid with a farming mid is usually a great reason to pick up Lich, because it forces you to pick more self sufficient heroes in the other lanes who will be glad to see you avoiding soaking up their xp. Of course, it can be a great way to ruin the opponents' carry levels as well.

                      All in all I really think that the inherent weaknesses of the hero make up for the strengths, and I personally love heroes that are picked as a means of outsmarting rather than out reacting. Drow, Lich, Luna, Medusa, Dark Seer, love em. Good planning heroes.

                      Have a feeling I'm too tired to be making these observations so maybe I'm not making good arguments...


                        Ez hero = ez game = no fun. One of my successful heroes therefore I've stopped playing with him. It's just too ez.


                          IMO Lich turned out to be worthy after his ultimate got a huge buff when its slow was greatly improved, after you got hit you cannot spread that easily.

                          It went from miserable 30% -> 65%, and it got a CD low enough to be used every little gank at mid game.

                          More than that, I think + 9 armor and -30 IAS doable to any allied is too much protection....its 40 seconds duration/5 sec CD means whole team will have it for battle and that fucks any physical dmg dealer until very later.


                            And I get a Lich spammer on my team whos 11 level at 25 min as a Lich. Heros don't really matter unless players know how to play the game.


                              An example of some Lich gameplay in the current patch.



                                Ниразу не играл за лича, дададада)

                                n1claren ✮

                                  +1 for fuk lich

                                  µ's SuBi ♪

                                    Joke @Dom, lmao too ez at 3k. stay low, dog.

                                    Cover LastLow

                                      The hero is really weak tbh. It is only really good vs PA, that said Lich rekts PA in lane ( not, if you go 1-1-3-1, though ). So its nothing special early, later it falls off so hard, because eventhough they buffed his ultimate to crazy levels, it never bounces more than 4 times ( recent pro games ).

                                      I dont know why pros picked it up with 7.06 ( ofc cause of the sacrifice buff, but the hero is a dead weight ). The hero was by far stronger, the further you go back. At least it was great vs channelled abilities, but now thats gone.

                                      I feel like the hero needs a rework to become relevant again.
                                      Best to compare it to Viper. Both easy and boring to play, but Viper can do stuff, be scary. Lich somewhat good early, but even if you dominate early, you just cant continue being relevant in the match.

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                                        Выношу свою помойку на личе - изи


                                          I hope IceFrog nerf Ice Armor buff duration from 40 seconds to 25/30/35/40 seconds in 7.07 :3


                                            why OPEN MMR MAX 3.500 FUCK !!! TBD IN 5.5


                                              You can also build radiance + shiva if you're dominating the game and you're solo offlane. Works amazing !