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despise you all
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        I love and hate Necrophos!

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          Zet Popcorn

            You forget visage and gravekeeper's cloak.


              I prefer AA more than necro.


                Im actually surprised i didnt see oracle


                  Dazzle, Shadow Demon, and Oracle are also good versus Necrophos.

                  Erase Humanity

                    His heals makes him super unpredictable in team fights and he could turn the tides of team fight alone.


                      the aura is HP removal and not Magic damage as much as I know, so magic res is uselss against an aura

                      Eat Soup With A Fork

                        can someone explain the clip?!?!?


                          Bane's Nightmare ability makes the target invulnerable for the first 1 second of it's duration. The Bane in the clip had good timing and used it to block the Reaper's Scythe damage instance.

                          Heroes of any allegiance can also "juggle" the invulnerability by forcing attack commands onto a Nightmare target, which resets the duration and includes the invulnerability period. As long as another hero picks up the Nightmare before it ends, it can continue indefinitely. Awesome, but impractical.

                          For Free?

                            I think u missed silences. It kinda destroys necro (or at least makes him a non-factor).


                              i think oracle should be on the list.. oh well, im a 3k scrub so my opinion doesnt matter xD


                                a defensive skill that turns a Magic Wand into Cheese

                                What!!!? It amplifies mana and health regeneration from wand too?? Holy crap!!


                                  More Nerf incoming


                                    Just make ult channeled ability, like black hole.


                                      No Oracle?????????


                                        Nyx pos 4 is strong against offlane necro. Necro will be rekt easily. With a range carry like sniper or luna will do.

                                        my cast range is longer

                                          It does require a reaction that’s quicker than 1.5 seconds—the stun time for Reaper’s Scythe

                                          I believe dota players have pretty good reaction times.. Even in 2k. Umm.. No TA?

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                                            His ghost shroud should slow him aswell, that magic resistance reduction really isn't a big deal


                                              Here you can check funny ~ 1k mmr play by me with necro. I got a lot of early in offlane. Quite funny ;p

                                              Literally Dying

                                                > enemy team pick Necrophos
                                                > *insta pick AA*


                                                  Good write up, necro is a monster right now.


                                                    Necrophos has 1 starting armor. Heavy physical damage and Diffusal Blade for Ghost Shroud :) ez game ez life :D

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                                                      Templar Assassin, Slardar, Sven, Terrorblade, Vengeful Spirit, Medallion of Courage -> Solar Crest, etc. =D


                                                        How to deal with Anti-mage next please !


                                                          b-b-but I cant save my teammate with glimmer cape because my reaction is slower than a potato.


                                                            I always play Necro in the offlane and win the lane most of the time, then I just continue to snowball after that. I like to get lots of armor for tankiness but it all depends on how I feel and I almost have a 70% winrate with him. to counter him is ez, get a dagon or diffusal.


                                                              Jug should've been mentioned, not only does he have high magical damage during Necro's skil 2 but also naturally builds into difusal ( Usually first item against Necro ) and manta that can amplify his damage against Necro.


                                                                @GENIOR.ลิคควิด it's not about reaction time, just watch your team mates health which is something supports do all the time, necro is most likely to ult anyone who drops below half and soon as possible, he will mostly look for cores to ult but even if a support is near him he'll settle for that too especially if necro has aghanim
                                                                only in super late game may necro save his ult to use against important targets like bristleback , spectre , etc

                                                                They're all dead

                                                                  necrophos is not impossible to kill enemy when solo vs solo. you just need to build upgrade only Q and E and buy a phase boot, and make sure enemy has 50%-60% hp and you have enough mana for Q and ult when you turn to lv6.

                                                                  They're all dead

                                                                    @ChunChunMaru Jugg is countered heavily by necrophos. First of all, he's a melee hero. I usually prioritize Heartstopper Aura when I lane with melee carries + not-so-aggressive support(s). Secondly, no one would just press W whenever a jugg comes to him. The W must be held until jugg's spin is over, or when jugg's ult starts, which leads to Thirdly, necro's W counters jugg ult heavily. Until he gets his diffusal, his ultimate has 0 effect on Necro, but often times, he already died too many times and team lost. The only counter from Jugg to Necro is that if Necro casted ult on Jugg when spin is not on cd, the ultimate would be cancelled out.

                                                                    They're all dead

                                                                      @TopLuca just pick blood seeker. gg.

                                                                      They're all dead

                                                                        Believe or not. As a dedicated Necro player (see my stats page), the heroes I hate most are: viper, storm spirit, zeus, invoker and phantom assassin.

                                                                        In All Pick, I used to always ban invoker, but he's nerfed heavily right now, and I've added BKB to my item build whenever I see an invoker, so he's fine now. I always ban phantom assassin now. PA is not as bad as viper / storm / zeus, but PA is picked too often, which means even if the win rate against PA is higher than win rate against viper / storm / zeus, the total number of games lost (and the chance of losing) to a PA is much higher.

                                                                        As for viper and storm, I used to have only 33% win rate against either of them. Necro moves so slow. When they came to me I couldn't get out even if I have force staff. I'm thinking maybe I'll build blink + eul to escape from these two bastards.

                                                                        Why AA / pugna are not a threat? because there are not too many guys are good at these two heroes, especially AA. And even if a necro couldn't heal in 50% of the team fights, he's still strong enough.

                                                                        They're all dead

                                                                          @Euronymous it amplifies healing from everything, mek, shrine, fountain, his own Q, you name it.

                                                                          Is It Secret?

                                                                            if you have to read these articles to figure out how to counter these heroes then its already too late for you

                                                                            Black Capped Chickadee

                                                                              Thanks to this necro, my winning steak with bs is ruined:(


                                                                                I SPAM NECRO to GET 4k MMR . RADIANCE + HURRICANE PIKE + BKB . NO ONE CAN STOP THAT MONSTER . EZ MID EZ FUCK INJOKER


                                                                                  SILVER EDGE + REAPER ALSO FOR = "SURPRISE MOTHERF****R"


                                                                                    how about visage? his cloak defenses from necro's scythe very well

                                                                                    NOOB SAIBOT

                                                                                      SD is good option aswell, I often pick SD vs necrophos. On paper it is very good you can disrupt your allies when necro ults them and SD's ultimate dispells ghost shroud. Tbh I am losing most of the games playing SD vs necro but it is very satisfying to save your teammates with disruption :)


                                                                                        I thought Oracle would be on here. Like all of his skills counter Necro. Q to purge ghost shroud, W to cancel necro's Q and ult, E to nuke him during ghost shroud, and his ultimate to save someone from scythe too.

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                                                                                          @Cyborg of the Year
                                                                                          5000 games sitting at normal skill - you might wanna do some reading yourself

                                                                                          Mohammed El Sayed

                                                                                            There's another solution: don't play this videogame until Valve shall fix the balance and stop doing untested shit.

                                                                                            200ms ping just let me sup

                                                                                              Oracle, is really, really a hard counter for necro, in all aspects