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        pinoy pride

        ( ง ᵒ̌皿ᵒ̌)ง

          what a yoke.

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              kingteka love

              Zhordz I Velvet Dreams

                ESE MI PAPI TIMADULA CSM

                Giorno Giovanna



                    YO TAMBIÉN LO LOGRARE , I WILL

                    ♥♦ GED ♣♠

                      Nah you wont. Mejor vuelve a la escuela


                        he has to leave this team and go highground ahaha, he has a lot of chances forward i can see it

                        Base Norton

                          peruvians.. lol


                            typo: 'TIl Champion' in first paragraph


                              Les aconsejaría a todos terminar al menos la puta escuela y después dedicarse a jugar


                                is this a yoke?


                                  the intro paragraph is terrible

                                  Japanese Alcoholic

                                    Cool story though


                                      He's a fucking kiddo, his father is scamming the team, they almost didn't go to the International because his father didn't wanted to pay anything for him so the team would 've to pay for it. He didn't do nothing to get his visa in time, just check for it on reddit I've seen the discussion about it one of the players posted on his facebook complaining about it, fucking kiddo I hope he gest nowhere like Smash and get banned from Valve's tournaments, freaking scammers PERU RUINED DOTA FOR SOUTHAMERICA, they're freaking cancer


                                        Gir is that a nickname ? I how you Scream when you flame others ? You represent the worst side of the community you are the real cáncer.


                                          ARABS AND PINOYS are ruining dota ..ban them


                                            Well what team is gonna grab him other than a SA team? He is only 16 and would need a ton of support in order to move to CIS or Na region. Best thing for him to do now is improve his English (which isn't that bad) so he can play on other teams that predominantly speak English. Grind it out on SA scene with any team and be "the" SA player people respect the most. And when he gets little older then jump over to the States or Europe. But on the flip side, he may end up being a token SA player for NA teams to use to get through TI qualifier in SA region. Which is a joke btw.

                                            "][" {[]} {[]} {[_

                                              toxic player i swear.

                                              d u k e

                                                what a joke lol


                                                  Great read!