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    Peppa Pig

      11 !!!!

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            Ez katka


              It's strange how you go up the ranks heroes become increasingly worse; with WK he is very bad at pro level but in low 1-3k games, he seems to dominate the game, unless counter picked.


                That's just be cause 1-3k player can't counter any hero


                  buff techies?

                  Mi Kael

                    Buff Spectre? No thanks


                      No mention of Techies wew

                      99 Red Balloons

                        techies is not in Captains mode

                        kero kero bonito

                          spec is unsustainable safe laner. this meta favors safelaner who's sustainable (ex. necro), can push (ex. AM), or do both (ex. lycan) on the other hand, spec needs babysitting and lots of farm. lane her against an aggressive dual offlane, her early laning stage becomes shitty. a 6 stack item spec is just a tanky carry w/ AOE.

                          tiny & wk cant be pick as pos 4. they lack mobility, low mana pool, and short cast range of spells.
                          bane & lion aren't suitable for pos. 5 or defensive support. aside from they don't have pushing capabilities, they also don't have skills for protection or buffs (ex. lich armor, dazz heal & grave, appa chilling touch) plus they lack AOE skill. that's why I think they were ignored this TI.

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                                BUFF VI KA

                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                  I've seen a fair amount of people recently in comments who are outraged that Bane didn't get any play 'because he is so good'. This article did a good job of explaining his weaknesses, but I feel like more could be added to his list of problems.

                                  Putting someone to sleep lasts a good amount of time, which in theory is really nice, but in practice it's a huge liability. You have to break sleep with magic damage, or else the sleep moves to you. In a hectic teamfight, you'd think the pros could avoid this, but even the pros deny aegis sometimes, even at TI. It limits the pairings you can employ with the hero, and forces you to expend an extra skill when maybe only one was needed to get the kill. If you wait and group up around the hero, the enemy might counterinitiate. In the case of OD's Astral Imprisonment, you have no worry that you will accidently sleep yourself, during a fight there is no chance a support can transfer the sleep away from his carry, and even as an escape skill you're given better guarantees of damage and CC. All of this adds up to a very clunky skill.

                                  And then there is his ultimate, which is basically a mini black hole with half the cooldown. But if your ultimate is channeled, you REALLY want to make sure you can get as much of it off as possible. Witch Doctor can bolster his chances with a cask, Shadow Shaman has the same thing without damage BUT IT ISNT AN ULTIMATE, and Enigma can often guarantee a full channel because, well, who can stop him when they are all in the hole?

                                  Bane is just a clunky hodgepodge of worse versions of other skills.


                                    Envy? XD

                                    Shadow Moses

                                      Remember bout Treant Protector?

                                      Tiragarde Sound

                                        Ok tbh, none of these heroes need buffs.

                                        In 1000~2000 mmr games, if these 5 heroes were in a game, tiny would roam early and get a heap of kills from the enemy support dying and then the game would stall for about 50 minutes and bane would have bkb, lion would have aghs and spectre would have 0 problem farming. And whenever the enemy team tries to teamfight, wraith king's ult would just scare the living daylights out of them.

                                        I would be so happy if my team was spectre, tiny, wk, lion and bane rather than 2k mmr players trying to play meepo

                                        ralphie cifaretto

                                          Agree with the comment above. TI level games are such a small representation of all dota games. Spectre, especially, is still insane in pubs.


                                            yeap. in another perspective those heroes that may be doing very well in TI may not be doing too good in pubs... hmm.

                                            I was thinking... perhaps these unpicked heroes need to be complemented with another hero that covers their flaws? Eg. Bane ( good single target disabler) can be paired up with an AOE type support to run lanes ( Disruptor)?

                                            for those carries who are not flashfarming fast enough like WK, perhaps they can transit to a support/utility core type?

                                            Wankers.Hugh G. Rection

                                              techies is banned in captain's mode, why though


                                                How bout Zeus? Does anyone pick him at all?




                                                    Give wk an active on his vamp or something, make him better yet harder to play in some way.


                                                      The 180 sec cd on level 1 haunt killed spectre. its too long


                                                        @Soul Raider you don't know what Kappa means? BibleThump
                                                        Too much twitch chat memeing from me I suppose, I was being sarcastic abt the Techies mention


                                                          Unlike others, carries like Spectre, Wk against hard dual lanes cant find space also early jungle and lane rotations is very hard for this heroes. And after laning stage if enemy pushes there is nothing to do except split push also they'r not good at that. Lane Aggression into Push wins the game against this kind of carries ; And as u mentioned Shadow Shaman does that. Thanks for blog

                                                          King of the Hill

                                                            Bane has historically been picked in metas in which Mirana or Batrider are popular, at this TI neither were favoured simply because both have been heavily nerfed to the point of being off-meta. That said his Q is arse tier and prob needs added functionality, either a spell power debuff or a slow would be enough.

                                                            Lion has historically been better in longer games because of his teamfight potency, and longer duration hex. 2 things made shaman better than lion in lane, buffs to shaman's base damage and his base strength, this basically made lion a bad shadow shaman.

                                                            Spectre simply is not favoured this meta. Illusions and radiance have been nerfed countless times and in games where 10 mins in you are fighting for your tier 3 towers, spectre, one of the most farm dependant heroes is trash tier. Lategame spec is still godly, she just cant reach that point.

                                                            Tiny is ass at the moment. He has massive mana problems, is weak in every lane, is fairly predictable and requires blink + aghs every game. He is a worse sven in terms of a hyper carry and does not snowball like other bursty characters like QoP or Storm. Jack of all trades but master of none, it takes too much to make a Tiny work.

                                                            Wk is also bad. He is very dependant on scaling his damage to make the most out of his w and e. He is almost useless for the first 30 minutes and does not offer anything other than tankiness and single target damage + stuns, he is one of the slowest characters in the game, is melee and right click reliant. He cant push or de-push and has no innate mobility or farming tool. Honestly I think his aura should get reworked to give him life back on hit and some other functionality

                                                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                                              @King of the Hill

                                                              I wouldn't say Bat was ignored, but the question still comes up if there are better combos for bat and mirana and the answer was always yes. Bat worked much better with bane back in the day that you would send bat to the midlane and get an early six ahead of your blink. Now, bat can still get that six before blink, but he is offlaning, so it makes much more sense to just farm him up to blink and use lasso if necessary. Once blink comes around, the bane setup is largely unnecessary. Same thing with mirana not being a roamer anymore. She is a core more often, and prefers to farm rather than roam for kill setups.

                                                              Zay J

                                                                Wraith King support is legit btw


                                                                  best support


                                                                    wk is a viable support but there are heroes that offer much more than stun and a lifesteal.

                                                                    Too big to male

                                                                      @Brock Hall
                                                                      I just wanted to point out it is possible for bane to end nightmare whenever he wants, you don't have to do it with just a spell as long as you are alive (Also SS shackles do damage, just much less; but Bane's drains mana, has much higher range, and goes through BKB).

                                                                      wr saved battlepass

                                                                        lol i think most of the ppl commenting dont understand what they r saying about bane..
                                                                        bane is strong but his skill set is easily countered with a strong dispel/phas oute/other random stuf fcounter pick if u make it an early pick. pro teams like to save core picks at the end so the hero just doesnt come through because he cant make plays as much as other heroes can as the 3-5 picks.


                                                                          VOLVO MAKE SPECTE BETTER AND NERF SVEN!!!

                                                                          fuck vac.exe

                                                                            I can understand why Andrew wk ; ) isn't picked. It's because diffusal, am, and illusions exist. That's why I usually ban am and don't instalock him. Diffusal can be bought by almost any illusion/agi hero. also I tried the raidiance rush on him and it didn't work out for me although we still managed to win vs a fed alchemist. Looks like armlet is the way to go currently. Your not getting raidiance to farm. Your getting it to force people to fight you or die from the burn and it's actually pretty funny when they run and die from raidiance which was why for the longest time when I still played him, it was my staple build but 6 months later, it doesn't work. I didn't do enough damage and I wasn't tanky enough to kill alchemist alone and that's when Im lvl 25 and 6 slotted.

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