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    Liquid and lfy look to be the strongest teams so far. Would love that finals matchup. 1st?!

    Captain Slow
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        wew EU, NA, CIS, SEA vs China

        feeding time

          "so anythEEng can happen" this EE made me laugh


            "anEEthing" see what u did there ;)


              sEE what you did there. FTFY

              Kenny Dope

                Can anyone explain why spectre is unpicked? I cant understand this bcs he recks my pub often (3.8k scrub).


                  I would recommend changing "anythEEng" to "anEEthing". Has a better ring to it and can even be broken down to "an-EE-thing". :)

                  eg still not top tier

                    Those games to watch though LMFAO


                      go liquid <333


                        Why would you put a list of games to watch and then tell the reader exactly what happens in them? :D Just have the narrative collapsed and require the reader to click to expand the text.


                          You forgot about techies <333


                            CHINA NUMBA WAN


                              @Kenny Dope
                              Spectre doesn't have flashfarm, and isn't as hard at dealing damage as most hard carries who come online quicker, however that does still not justify being a completely ignored hero in my opinion (her team-wide damage output, ability to join the fights whenever, and dagger disabling are all assets that contribute to her huge success), but maybe she's being kept for main event.

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                                can anyone tell me why Team empire plays with Resoulation and not chappie ?
                                Does Resoulation is better player ? or does chappie could'nt make it

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                                Kenny Dope

                                  Chappie has issue with his visa, so resolution stands in for him

                                  Kenny Dope

                                    Yeah I know right, spectre might be weak in lane but surely pros would be able to protect his early game, and his ulti is one of the most fucked up thing in dota


                                      Techies is not yet enabled in captains mode.

                                      Wayful Spirit

                                        Spectre is mostly about cancelling blink and revealing positions and sitting in team fight like a super tank.


                                          I don't think there's been a single merlo game


                                            Meepo* sorry autocorrect


                                              Bane Bane, Spectre Spectre, Tiny Tiny and Wraith King Wraith King remain as the only ignored heroes of the tournament



                                                c9 ftw

                                                MM.Airsick Lowlander

                                                  It's important to keep in mind that the meta changes with the switch from groupstage to playoffs. Picks become less diverse, fights become less aggressive, and games last longer, typically. Risky pocket strats are less likely to happen, but surprise pocket strats will come out. Nobody wanted to release their good strategies while at the same time trying their best to feel out the playstyles of other teams.

                                                  My guess is that Void will be largely ignored now, Spec will get a game or two, and AM will be banned a lot more as he is a huge comfort pick.


                                                    @wobbel, meepos were not picked yet, but they were banned, so it is not ignored.
                                                    I believe we will see some spectre game in main event tho, and maybe WK and bane. Been so long not seeing tiny in pro games


                                                      @Saphira, Hey you love suikoden eh

                                                      Aghanim $$$

                                                        Ban Lifestealer, Pick Spectre, gg.