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      great post


        the mini stun talent with nimbus is so strong, and i think the buff to his talents made his aghs more relevant as well

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        Sleight of My Fist In You...

          nimbus is over rated


            hero was relevant for a long time. The time he got nerfed, the int-damage scale just got in game and he didnt lose any power but casual ''5 ms nerf = hero ded'' bitching made the hero forgotten. Despite being magic damage dealer, he never loses his power at any stage of the game.

            Bold and Brash

              passive magic stick sumail LUL


                "nimbus overrated" LUL

                Wayful Spirit

                  Brace yourselves! Summons siegeing meta is coming.


                    fuck it, heroes I spam like CK always become trend.

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                        I finally tried out the Nimbus in my Zeus build.

                        Really want to try that +0.5 ministun talent, I didn't think to get it in this game for some reason. Maybe I thought it didn't effect the Nimbus lightning bolt.


                          Бог доты, этим всё сказано.


                            хорошая статься

                            The Motherfucker Himself

                              Zeus has been around for a while. I mean he doesn't scale badly into late game unlike other spell casters in dota.

                              let me die.


                                Wayful Spirit

                                  Zeus is trick pick (could be placed at any position from 1 to 4 or even a roaming core as LFY did), he is among the best vision heroes (dewarding with Arc and revealing enemy positions with wrath), his DPS is among the highest in the game and he transitions into early game way better than before (less mana issues compared to before).


                                    "He's a natural counter to illusion heroes" How so?


                                      @Just-Give-Only Illusions all take multiplied damage and are weak to AoE generally. Zeus' arc lightning is excellent aoe vs illusions. This helps your team to discern which unit has the higher hp so they know who to focus on/use their stuns on.


                                        "Another detraction pro players make is choosing +0.5s Lightning Bolt Ministun over +75 Arc Lightning Damage at level 20. "

                                        The two has a slight difference in pick rate. That means more along the lines of "another detraction non-sub2k players make..."


                                          I played mid Zeus yesterday, I lost mid terribly against Storm; but mid is my worst role :v


                                            Supports hate him. Lmao


                                              the reason he is not picked its because of raindrops, its completely fuck zeus output and he simply does nothing in lane against other meta mid heroes who can kill him much easier and survive his combo.