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        Artour would love this.

        КЕМП + ТУННЕЛЬ

          зачем вы это рассказазли . зачем я поднимал 5к спокойно зачем . горите в аду

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            Can he be played as a support hero?

            Bobby Corwen

              Veno core is the worst thing to ever happen to dota. Games lose their watchability when he is picked, in my opinion at least.


                I like playing him as a support, I dont think he decent as a carry


                  One thing i wish in all of these articles is that you would hyperlink the hero (Venomancer) so i can click on it and look at his skills straight away - just like you have done for the items. I know it's lazy but after (or during) reading the article i want to look at is his skills and build in dotabuff with an easy tab-click.


                    Those Venos who say "I'll support" then go Midas Aghs

                    >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                      he can pos4 but def not pos5 or 1 lmao

                      Sweet Guy

                        Kill it with fire!

                        MODE: ROCH-GOD

                          @rest in bong rips ive played pos 1 veno myself and it is pretty good. It has also been proven in the pro scene.

                          Firefly Fun House

                            Veno doesnt have a viable disable (eg. stun). Thats the biggest handicap for this hero.


                              His poison DPS and slow are super annoying though. Even more when you are kitable heroes such as Ursa or Sven

                              MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                I've done a bit of veno in the past and it always seems like as flexible as he can be he really needs to stay ahead of the other team at all times. He doesn't play well at all from behind, and even worse when the game goes late, so it doesn't surprise me that he isn't all that popular. I can potentially see the movement speed being useful but the xp boost really feels necessary for his success. That level 25 is similar in importance as abba.

                                Hate The Living

                                  Something went horribly wrong with the game when the likes of veno, necro, bb and razor are the new norm for the safe lane. I'm not optimistic about the coming TI at all.

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                                  Firefly Fun House

                                    damn right about that. i use bb necro and underlord. no matter how bad it is for them during laning phase i can usually find a way out to transit into the mid-late game and win it. As for veno...well its going to be harder ( or maybe i havent had enough practice w him )


                                      ETd, why does going support mean you have to not buy good items?

                                      Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                                        lmao typical scrubs in the comments cant handle the flexibility of heroes...just because you suck doesnt mean the hero does tards


                                          Jamie, I'm certain he means that they say they will support only to play as a core and end up not supporting

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                                                  How long am I wating for that article?!! I still prefer playing veno as a support, but I was wondering about his new role as a core. Thx dotabuff.


                                                    Could Veno be run in the offlane? I am thinking about trying him out.

                                                    MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                      If this article is to be believed probably not. Veno certainly needs levels and farm, and that becomes a little sticky when you solo a lane. Running dual lanes might be able to make it easier but dual lanes are typically volatile.


                                                        WOW DID ADMIN START BANNING THOSE FIRST COMMENTS ?GOOD WELL DONE ADMIN!!!


                                                          So glad to see veno come back. Veno might not carry in teamfights but nobody walks away from my veno 1 on 1.


                                                            Veno is good for utility esp when u do kiting


                                                              чотко прям я бы сказал classic

                                                              MAKC 6YJIKA

                                                                The best hero to up your MMR down


                                                                  necro was always best as a core hero and safelane necro while not as good as mid was not horrible, but bb and razor and veno are all totally non safelane material or should be.

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                                                                  Кароль комнаты

                                                                    бля веник самый сильный керри!