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      he nevar left!




          Mah boy ES



            Eat Soup With A Fork

              good job, commended

              Be Water

                Why miracle is the example? I think sumail is better.


                  The reason he was picked that many times is because epicenter and earthquake are linked, so he was a nice brand hero for the tournament.


                    ^ cause he won lane so hard against a hero he should have been dumpstered by

                    MM.Brock Hall

                      It seems like blink is going to be favored until aghs gets a buff. Dunking is nice and all, but the added stats and bonus don't make up for the time it takes to farm the aghs over the blink. It's nearly double the cost to get the aghs, and shaker isn't the best farmer in the game by any stretch of the imagination.


                        thats myhomie ES

                        Wayful Spirit

                          This patch is horrible. It's like TI5 is back again. 7.05 was better IMO.


                            ES ever left the meta??? Seriously, I have problems with the article writers sometimes.


                              Good to hear that ES is back on track!


                                Because MK replaced him as the meta last time, he was more mobile and has a better longer initiation and scales well.
                                Then MK got murdered-nerfed Treant got nerfed Earth Spirit got nerfed everybody got nerfed and Earthshaker didn't,
                                so everybody sinks while he surfaces to the meta.


                                  es mid rip < 2k pubs

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                                      Han Solo (shoots first)

                                        Good read, seems like he's still pretty situational, unless you have a team that can play him at the 2,3,4,5, in which case he's a great early draft pick.

                                        >tfw no gamer girl peeing gf

                                          Earthshaker is a garbage hero. He is slow, and mana-hungry. Very very situational pick.

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                                              Potato Marshal

                                                Anybody with this many stuns is always relevant.


                                                  ayy lmao, incoming es mid on pubs (literally burn your mmr)

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                                                  владимир пыня

                                                    Правильный билд это арканы даггер и сразу даедалус

                                                    I Bend Reality :D

                                                      lol I did carry es before this also

                                                      Sir Richard Hardon

                                                        The people talking about Earthshaker being slow are retarded. 310 movespeed is far from slow and he is played in the offlane(which the writer must have completely forgotten about) Just like Centaur. You get your lvl 6 kill anyone that walks to the lane, get blink, and just roam around the map with his ridiculous control. Whoever wrote this article should be fired

                                                        ДОЧЬ СЛЕСАРЯ

                                                          главное вовремя перевести


                                                            desde que smash subio a 9 k con el, ahora estan a full que lo pickean al menos aca en sudamerica. Claro todos piensan que lo pickearan y ya subiran a 9k jaja


                                                              Где перевод на русский? Сколько дней ждать?


                                                                Stun makes him strong.