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    Such a good article,about my fav hero!



      Edit: Dammit

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        main cm check my profile


          B4 HARD NERF


            Cookie's guide being advised on a KawaiiSock's post, FeelsGoodMan


              hopefully valve won't nerf cm she's too balance

              Black Knight

                6th Hokage! Yes!!!

                Edit: Sh*t! 7th Hokage! Yes!!!

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                  am i a good cm if i play carry XDD


                    And not nerfed at all, thanks icefrog!


                      10 th cm is to perfect first pick

                      Super Power 2020

                        Icefog smoked kush while making this patch xd

                        Story Time

                          I blame Cookie :)


                            no major nerfers in 7.0.6
                            Im disappoint
                            she's op af and playing her feels like cheating

                            Brock Hall

                              There is a good point made about the aggressiveness of the hero early in the game. It's no secret that CM is food by, like, minute 20 and that makes her warding game very weak very fast, so the early game is incredibly important for her.

                              With that in mind, the jungling and surprise rotations are what differentiate learning players from learned players. It's easy enough to babysit with CM when you're learning. Even if you die, you are providing an aura that will help your team feel less like they are pulling your weight. But once you get comfortable in the game, knowing how to prioritize frostbite in jungle and making rotations is essential to the success of CM.

                              You gotta stay ahead in levels and get those survivability items to bolster her MS and health, and you're not going to do that when you sit in lane. Shaman stays because he has a nuke and a fantastic channeling stun to pair with, say Ursa. Lion can ruin an offlaner's presence in the lane with mana drain. Dazzle can heal and harass with low mana cost spells, not to mention shallow grave. All three of these heroes have either high enough health, high enough damage, or the ability to gain health back quickly. None of them can farm relatively easily though, so what CM loses in health she makes up in farming capability and much better crowd control. It's fairly unique to CM which makes it an easily forgotten twist to your normal support role. If you're struggling at winning games or finding you get killed easily, you're probably forgetting to jungle.


                                Why no Arc Warden buffs in 7.06 Icefrog? He had like a 10% winrate in Kiev Icefrog. Wtf icefrog?

                                Lt Laxatives

                                  Sporting a 70% winrate on this lady in the last month, 9 game win streak and counting.

                                  Notice me senpai.

                                  Trash Core Player

                                    @Black Knight no you are not.


                                      Cancer Drows incoming


                                        CM is my waifu

                                        -Vrz • ロリコン ♥ L L E N N •...

                                          Hope she's not get nerf in 7.06

                                          (\/) 0_o (\/)

                                            Teammates see CM: mmm aura
                                            Weaver/Clinkz sees CM:
                                            mmm food


                                              She might be getting a minor nerfs post-TI if we were to judge from her winrate in pubs, and pick rate in competitive. Even while cm becomes weak into the mid/late game, her ultra-late game is actually quite strong, because bkb durations drop down to 5s, and she has a much superior gpm talents compared to other supports which allows her to keep up her economy in that time.


                                                she is my fav sup hereo and most played. sure she is one of the best.....

                                                1-IceTea 🌟

                                                  Every single day CM is being flapped to alot of time,I am certain of that


                                                    I just need urn and force staff on her, then very easy game.

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                                                    コワレヤスキ Kowareyasuki

                                                      "Crystal Maiden has the coolest cosmetics" <---- Totally agree with this statement.
                                                      Though, Death Prophet has the most elegant dresses.


                                                        чет не о чем


                                                          DAMMIT IM LATE WHAT NUMBER RIGHT NOW?


                                                            I hope volvo will not nerf her...

                                                            Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                                              pretty garbage hero....i eat her alive with my slark

                                                              LSD | Zealot | 사나

                                                                Favourite ! <3

                                                                O Pai

                                                                  VEI O CARLOS EdUARDO DA ROCHA MORAIS É MT INUTIL

                                                                  Brock Hall

                                                                    @Just Get Out Of My Way

                                                                    Every Slark does. It's a counter.


                                                                      A lot of support heroes' early game got pretty much screwed when urn seized to provide any strength.

                                                                      Kanye West Karaoke

                                                                        CM is a great starting support for people in the low brackets / trying to get started, everyone should try her.


                                                                          Damn the pro scene. a criminally underrated hero for so long, now people are wise to how much disruption she causes to right click line ups

                                                                          Closed AI

                                                                            mmm a supports wet dream...

                                                                            Mina-chan 미나

                                                                              noobs af


                                                                                CM is buffed every game!!!



                                                                                  Хороший герой)


                                                                                    amazing hero


                                                                                      I just really want to know why the fuck cm have a giraffe​ neck.


                                                                                        i played cm & reached 6k just for playing CM + hard support only.