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    Am I first? xD.....I wasnt expecting this article up this fast after the upset though

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      Congratz to the SG e-sports for this important victory.


        I ask this every tournament - don't put spoilers on your front page. Valve let you block results and any mainstream website is conscious of the fact that some people like to watch VODs. Just leave your title as 'Kiev Major Playoffs Day 1 & 2 Recap'


          Removed the spoiler, good point



            Eat Soup With A Fork

              hi der

              STOP! In the name of the ...

                FIRST xDDDDDD


                  SG Top 8, espera amanha e seremos TOP 4!


                    crystal maiden ftw!

                    Groovy Godzilla

                      Secrekt LUL, so far this major was very exciting and fun to watch most of the time, hyped for the next games

                      CLEETUS McFarland

                        No Ogre magi! He was every where in 2016.


                          xd brazil history doto

                          Gene Starwind

                            Gratz to SG E-Sports. Biggest Upset of 2017 so far. They ain't gonna beat my EG tho!.


                              SG lanchou a secret #GoSG

                              Brünk Hüll

                                Bottom line for Secret is that they threw their run away hard. Watch the games again and you'll see that they multiple times attacked when they should be farming, dove when they had no vision, and stayed longer than they should. They were completely pathetic in game 2 and 3, and I fully expect them to make changes to the team.

                                The Robot Devil

                                  The Secret is out my boys.


                                    Secret's no carry meta didn't work.

                                    Bad Monkey

                                      TNC can never win against FACELESS


                                        The moment I saw TNC draw Faceless, I knew that despite their strong group stage, they were going out. The stats say it; they've never taken a whole BO3 series against Faceless

                                        why are u crying lol

                                          A talking 1k player against TNC.


                                            TNC will be forever in our Hearts FeelsBadMan

                                            butterfly effect

                                              dafuq secret


                                                EG vs SG... Hype!!!

                                                white boy summer

                                                  og vs liquid in finals hype. liquid shows a really good preformance after waking up from a loss


                                                    How is Kiev "home" crowd for a Russian team? If anything it should be enemy territory considering how anti Russia Ukrainians have been in recent years since the farce in Crimea.



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                                                      Киньте лойс (плез)

                                                        DW, VP - The only team CIS.


                                                          DW, VP mid, no[o]ne is ukrainian. ukrain maybe anti-russian but its their goverment that anti-russian, not their people, i believe.

                                                          The Robot Devil

                                                            This has been some great Dota. Very excited for the finals.

                                                            Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                                                              Definitely sad for the SEA region get matched with their co-region at the first brackets of the main event. I blame the Single Elimination for this (Dota is a game of chance, seeing how many spells have randoms and unconventional terrain so why take the risk of doing a single elimination) and Faceless not doing well enough at the group stage.

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                                                              finger print

                                                                congratulation for EG~

                                                                I stand alone
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                                                                  Wiegers D
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                                                                    Wiegers D
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                                                                      Wiegers D
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                                                                        Willy Wynn

                                                                          Team Secret lost with SG because they got to cocky after the 1 game because it was to easy. They underestimate them. SG is not a great team but have really good coordination and teamwork. But best team in the Major is VP in my opinion. VP always make good tournaments but never win. I think they deserve to win at least this one.


                                                                            SG showed that they're a very good team, beating Secret and making EG suffer to win.
                                                                            Go Brazil!


                                                                              SG good team. HFN, TAVO, 4DR, KINGRD and C4T They demonstrated that South America deserves and much that VALVE did in giving the opportunity. Now I wanted and very much to see the faces of those who spoke badly of Latin America, saying that what VALVE did was "charity, unnecessary" that there is no scenario here, but the team that everyone doubted disqualified the unbeaten and favorite Secret and Almost won the game against EG in an exciting BO3, in short, I would love to see the face of all those cancers who love talking nonsense. It seems that the Latin American scenario has already gained its place in the VALVE championships. HFN best farm the major. lol


                                                                                Se fuderam bando de racista! This is brazil porraaaaa

                                                                                God is an atheist

                                                                                  yeah yep


                                                                                    Congratulations #GoSG

                                                                                    Lord Of the Ringues

                                                                                      SG has demonstrate you can not understimate the hardly unknown teams and players...they have performed a great job until reach the Kiev and now they are demonstrating how far you can go with determination and coordenation, passing through the famous Secret team.

                                                                                      #GoSG!! We are proud of your great performance, all the brazilian players and fans are supporting you!!

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                                                                                      William Brandy

                                                                                        China? Ukraine? Russia?
                                                                                        Welcome to Dota 2 Radar, Brazil!!!


                                                                                          Só vai