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    LD ez pz lemon squeazy

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      2nd Biaaatch

      MID ONLY

        3ий бляха муха фывфывфы


          rawr xD


            still i think main problem with lone druid is his bears vision. i think it should also lower when its not in attack range. it gives too many variations to an already strong hero.

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                    Not even 1st.hmmm


                      drink bleach and you'll be fine against this hero


                        10 th


                          Dealing with Lone Druid : You wait for 7.03 Kappa


                            lifestealer with a blink should do the job. the heroes above were mostly heroes who counter him on hg. if u r defending hg, you probably lost the early game and early game in this meta is important(although things got a little bit more balanced in 7.03). if a lone druid offlaner does what he wants, it's lost already. get lifestealer and kill him early.


                              lone druid build is useless its just downgraded sniper sniper is even better pick

                              Erase Humanity

                                He has been nerfed out of existence, which makes me really sad. He is weak against slow and anti mobility, long range attack or spells, burst magic damage, gap closing and evasion. I don't know what to spam next. I liked his mobility, range, flash farming, rosh advantage and numerous advantages that bear provide. I don't like Sniper or Silencer because they are not mobile. Clinkz because he is a weaker farmer and laner. IDK, Troll Warlord or Luna maybe.

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                                  I don't know you will read this and care or not
                                  but please write something about sven after 7.00
                                  before he had 54% win rate and in top 15 most picked heroes
                                  but now -49% win rate and 33th hero
                                  say what changed about him and why he lost win rate and how to play with him


                                    I wonder when Brock Hall will mention his thoughts on this, and what they will be... XD

                                    D. Igne Natura Renovatur ...

                                      What about Phantom Assassin?

                                      D. Igne Natura Renovatur ...
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                                          Pros using purge to counter LD. You can build diffusal or dominate a satyr.


                                            Well slardar+naix combo will be ez to kill LD


                                              pub games LD are no problem lol. I jump on the hero with PA and 2 shot that biatch


                                                LD not that dominant in the 3k bracket, but this was very informative. Ty Skim.

                                                Balthazar (BR)

                                                  Legion commander and outword devourer is quite good too

                                                  Sleight of My Fist In You...

                                                    jug arcana shittiest arcana ever and yea ive seen lc arcana...dont care if it's for marketing purposes still sucks

                                                    INAMOKI GADON

                                                      sour grapes for those who can't afford the arcana

                                                      OrangeMan good

                                                        Too bad Admiral Bulldog has retired. It would be fun and informative to see him use LD! I wonder how he would play LD now.

                                                        Minas Tirith

                                                          Вы про что вообще говорите? Друид умер, его просто унизили хуже некуда с выходом патчка 7.03. Его вообще теперь пикать неактуально, и заменить лучше тем же снайпером...

                                                          Dallon Avery

                                                            Нехуй игнорить ульту медведя.


                                                              Pretty sure Disruptor counters every hero in the game, shouldn't include him in these kinds of lists.

                                                              promo code bsj

                                                                "Pretty sure Disruptor counters every hero in the game, shouldn't include him in these kinds of lists."
                                                                Nope Lifestealer gives a fuck about Disruptor

                                                                Dallon Avery

                                                                  In other words black king bar counters Disruptor.


                                                                    The writer of this article is a mooooorooooon, there is no counter to LD in pubs, and he writes kotl as a counter which I consider as a new high for being a total mooooooooongloid. I'll read more what you write to watch in awe how low iq a human being can have. Thank you very much,

                                                                    INAMOKI GADON

                                                                      Only a moron can't counter LD in pubs.


                                                                        "Only a moron can't counter LD in pubs." said 1k mmr :)

                                                                        INAMOKI GADON

                                                                          right :-) the place to be on SEA server


                                                                            geez i can bully him with enchantress max skill 1. I keep zoning him out from his creeps and he cant farm well. not to mention he has no magic damage so facing encha in lane will be hard.

                                                                            Mohammed El Sayed

                                                                              Remove Tinker and Invoker from the game

                                                                              Ku Bukan Superstar

                                                                                In the newest patch, I rarely see someone picked LD on pubs.

                                                                                camarada camarão

                                                                                  quem ler é viado!


                                                                                    What can you say about Enchantress versus this lone druid?


                                                                                      Get enchantress for lone druid........Her passive says goodbye to lonedruid' attack speed and her Ulti just Rapes Lone Druid quickly


                                                                                        lol enchant ? its like sniper vs sniper

                                                                                        like sniper vs lone druid , lone druid max range cant exceed sniper max range

                                                                                        btw , a lot of counter to him , like u counter drow , sniper , and other range carry

                                                                                        get LS , or BKB , his skill 3 annoying , without magic immune , u cant go deep near him