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I saw a dwarf !

    first blood


      Second hahah

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      I'm not good.

        I thought it would be about getting beaned by bean boies. :sad:

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        Love Yourself

          a pinch of salt from Mason, nice touch

          Ghastly Wail

            Hi Mom

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                7th too many contenders - Dondo should create a new team with Singsing, I think they'll have a good synergy together.

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                      TNC maybe miles ahead of their competetors but they ruined your battle pass 2016 prediction right? hahaha

                      1-IceTea 🌟


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                          Na'Vi really need to consider choose a new support, rmn and biver seems to cannot click with the carries (dendi invo + biver kotl, soo many fail combos, for instance, binding lighting enemies that will be hit by sunstrike). Hero drafting need to be improved, and they need to improve their tempo play.

                          1-IceTea 🌟

                            Btw @KawaiiSocks
                            The revive of split push rule over



                              THIRST! :)


                                CM is much better against dark seer than oracle/


                                  So complexity just forgot to draft any stuns?

                                  Nero Scarlet

                                    CIS should have had 2 spots

                                    MM.Brock Hall

                                      I'm really hoping for more play from Oracle. He certainly isn't in a great spot right now, as his ultimate is a bit...frustrating to use sometimes and his other spells can sometimes hurt as much as they help teammates. But he has so much complexity with his spells pulling double duty, with disspells, roots, healing, damage, disarms, and I think spell amp? It's just so satisfying to watch a great oracle game.

                                      As of this writing though the new patch dropped and it seems unlikely he will see more play as he didn't get a buff. But who knows, patches have a way of surprising you.

                                      Han Solo (shoots first)

                                        Gonna miss the EE plays this tourney....

                                        a kitten

                                          Thanks for the write up. Looking forward to the Major all the more now.


                                            Rod of atos crystal maiden. new meta at kiev.


                                              did any of you realise that it is artstyle that is coach for Virtus pro - the team that beat navi


                                                EG ?

                                                Nishimiya Shouko

                                                  EG WIN ??

                                                  uh, yeah, baller alert

                                                    "new blood in the SA region—SG e-sports." They've been in the SA pro scene for 3 years. Some even 5 years. Just because you haven't heard of them it doesn't mean they're new.