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Daddy Stalin

    First :)


      first is the worst second is the best so gg


        3rd madafaka


          4th. omg. i want to thank my family and friends for support.


            5th :D



              Ghastly Wail

                hi Mom


                  7th I feel so important now. And my mom said I'd never amount to anything.


                    Fuck, I meant 8th. Guess mom was right


                      9th gg wp


                        10th comment as indeed i am 10th in everything


                          11th.... aww yeah. Hi mom!


                            1st, 2nd and I happen to be on 1k MMR - stuck in the abyss. Oh wait, 2nd has a chance to reach 9k. Unless he'll mess up with his TBD MMR matches.


                              fird :D


                                baia baia


                                  fuck mana the bum


                                    El keper esta my op en las partidas publicas ayuda demasiado la fuga de mana. Hoy lo jugue por primera vez y esta rotizimo como apoyo en la linea segura y tambien de router mantiene muy a controla heroes de mana dependientes ecepto tanto el strom spirit que puede moverse sin tantos problemas
                                    En fin el keper esta demasiado OP y si en sus partidas normal skill o low skill hasta higth skill todos eligen carrys y tu eres el ultimo heroe no saques otro carry y piensa en este amiguito GANDALF como una de las mejores opciones

                                    it already a money but st...

                                      THIRST! :)

                                      Purist, the Omniknight.

                                        The Omniscience loves us all!

                                        Brock Hall

                                          This is one of the first heroes that really made me feel like I understood the game. At the time, and at my skill level, nobody knew how to deal with the fear of a kotl blast. I'd push enemies out of lane. Once he dropped out of meta I quit playing him, but I maintain a 63% winrate on the hero.

                                          Also, even though he is an absolutely totally forgotten hero that may NEVER see the light of day again, I absolutely love running this with pugna. They piggyback off of each other, providing mana and slows and setups for each other so beautifully. And nobody wants to face a pugna blast AND a kotl blast.

                                          Uuun TAnkA

                                            Wow Pugna + Kotl that is quite the sick aoe combo!

                                            VVibu SLayer

                                              buff broodmother OMG


                                                LOL since when this 1 skill hero is in meta? o.0



                                                  Artness Greatness

                                                    So much early game problems


                                                      mana leak is stronger that bloodseeker rupture LOL

                                                      a kitten

                                                        Illuminate in lane is such a pain! I should maybe try playing Keeper ...

                                                        Brock Hall


                                                          '1 skill hero' hahaha


                                                            1stly the +400 cast range is a far superior talent and any player above 5k will concur.
                                                            2ndly I think you're not talking enough about real pairings like Sven/CK/Centaur and WK (that you mentioned like a passing breeze since you don't elaborate on stun+slow duration and Chakra reduction).
                                                            KotL + Kunkka is also crazy strong since tidebringer is now a spell (echosabre Attacker Kunkka gave me nightmares for a week). Storm is also potent since you can cast Chakra during ball lightning for double remnants as early as lvl 6.


                                                              Saw bieber hex and have to agree with the cast range, kotol already has a huge range in all his abilities but add that to utility items seems superior in lvl 25 situations wich is super late game for kotol where u didnt won the game pushing but and extra range for a smoke+hex initiation can make all the difference.


                                                                Just buff Nightstalker and kotl will be wimpering in the dark with his useless aghs.


                                                                  Неплохая связка с андерлордом и котлом

                                                                  Do It For Her ~

                                                                    Will spam dis for commends. Hue hue hue.




                                                                        @eggs The last time I read the comments in this blog the author deleted the spam ("numbers") comments. I want to see quality comments not spam :/

                                                                        Brock Hall

                                                                          @Se vende items/cuenta.Qui...

                                                                          Then provide quality comments


                                                                            Why biver tho? Why not fh for kotl reference? Either way, i agree that, by having scepter alone, he becomes significant in team fight

                                                                            Pierre Tandean

                                                                              good man


                                                                                FIRST! Anyway.






                                                                                      With actually more then 1.5k games with kotl I can say he's my best and favourite hero.... I'm just worried about the "interest" he's gaining right now... usually nerfs follows and way worse then -1sec mana leak duration.
                                                                                      WHAT DO YOU THINK? Am I right to be worried?

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                                                                                        Base DMG reduce by 7.... I was right this is the end.....

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                                                                                          1.5k games with kotl? Those are rookie numbers..