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    kill me

      >7% winrate
      Centaur confirmed auto-loss


        7% pick rate- typo in cent.
        gud read though


          Offlane Ember!


            offlane puck


              i got 4100 on slardar
              love fish.


                no necro? wtf?!

                ★ EngieBengie

                  Offlane CM


                    Tidehunter? His talent tree is so good.


                      boosted 500 pts on slardar in 7.00-01, after his nerf in 02 his wr has decrease by 1,5% and i've got 4-5 lost games in the row, sad :C

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                        Unfortunately this nerf is just a beginning of terrible time for slardar

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                          That Slardar nerf is not that hard, though what I hate is pros play Slardar as position 4, so these nerfs make core Slardar even more bad....


                            offline io!


                              I'd appreciate a shout-out to Offlane Puck which is become a thing

                              Wayful Spirit

                                Spirit Breaker?

                                MM.Brock Hall

                                  I find it interesting that the top offlaners mentioned here are all melee heroes. It shouldn't come as a huge surprise as tanky items are in meta (hotd, blademail) though. With the exception of SK, the rest of the heroes are also fantastic augment heroes, having abilities that provide something other than damage or cc and can build utility items.

                                  This says a lot about where the meta is, and though I know there are a lot of other things going on in the meta, I see a lot of 5 man pickoffs into objectives being the basis of team comps.


                                    Is this focused on str heroes? Void and necro make a good deal too there.

                                    Han Solo (shoots first)

                                      NEW WINDS

                                      NIXON LIKES IT

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                                        VVibu SLayer

                                          hoping the return of tidehunter and enigma as an offlaner


                                            yep waiting for tide+CM combo or 5 MAN BLACK HOLE in pro scene


                                              Void isn't even a meta pick right now, and this article is pretty much dedicated to meta offlaners


                                                Enigma is actually good as an offlaner right now


                                                  this is not focused on str heroes, is focused in pro (or high mmr games) where pros dont pick necro or FV anymore...


                                                    Enigma should be there, has become very popular with the pros too. Void has disappeared from the meta entirely and Necro is usually mid or safelane.

                                                    Ra's Al Ghul

                                                      nice post! thanks for sharing.




                                                          That my fav hero


                                                            all of you noobs


                                                              tide ~~ and axe


                                                                Offlane timber easily kills meepo safelane. Meepo really needs a buff hes sitting at 40% winrate right now

                                                                MM.Brock Hall

                                                                  @Nagmahal, nasaktan, nagmeepo

                                                                  That's par for the course though. Heroes like Meepo, which include Io, Arc Warden, Chen, Ench, typically are considered powerful regardless of their pub winrate. Currently Meepo has a higher winrate than 21 heroes, firmly in the bottom bucket league for sure, but still has a better winrate than all four heroes I mentioned. Other heroes under him are lina, bat, bane, natures, puck, and huskar.

                                                                  I understand the frustration, but that's the nature of the hero. He takes too much learning for people to get the hang of him before getting frustrated and moving on.

                                                                  Wayful Spirit

                                                                    You need to consider hero power spikes beside hero win rates. Heroes like Meepo and Chen although complex for average player, are bullies of early game and part of fast push strats. Their win rate for early game is something like 60%. If a team picks meepo or Chen or other fast push heroes and do not manage to close the match by 20 minutes, they have failed to execute their strat properly.

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                                                                      its suprises me that void didnt make it to this thread.i know that hard farmer like void need to be atleast safelane.but his skills to survive the lane and take a lot of damage and just time lapse is pretty good for offlane.and with almost no lifesteal game for void unless he buy vladmir is making him weaker.i really think that he need to be buffed.maybe 50% winrate is still a dream for several hero lol

                                                                      Vladimir Putin

                                                                        i prefer Storm Spirit Offlane


                                                                          I suppose this is a list of best SOLO offlaners. Because no one is better in the offlane than Spirit Breaker.


                                                                            Enchantress is the best offlaner! Only few enemy can bully her in offlane like lifestealer. Best offlaner ever, max untouchable and laugh at enemy trilane...

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                                                                              Enchantress dies to zues+jugg in dual lane zzzzz


                                                                                @MCT if you are stupid player you die, they dont even have stun how can they catch you with 335 base movespeed. and zeus got low mana pool at start and will not be effective much due to lvl gap on 2v1 scene duh. Plus you got heal for low mana which allows you to tank more combined with your untouchable makes her hard to kill in lane.

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                                                                                Solo Sad Niqqa

                                                                                  Its not uncommon to see weaver and enigma offlane in 7.xx especially the latter who deserves a mention here


                                                                                    Maybe weaver?


                                                                                      maybe not


                                                                                        why not enigma