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    First again! What a relife.
    Still no buff to visages birds. They are just as bad as 6.88.

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      2! bitch

      Bosnian Blade

        well done

        d e l i r i u m

          thanks for your hard work, love this site!


            5th bitches

            MM.Brock Hall

              I kind of think the nerfs to DS are a little more significant than stated here. If a DS wants to play like a complete coward, throwing ion shells as soon as it comes off cooldown and letting it do the bulk of the work for farming, he can't anymore. 100 mana is removing an entire ion shell out of that timing. The bottom line is that DS is now required to be more active in the front line in order to get last hits, something that probably should happen for sure, but I think it really reduces the situations that DS will be useful.

              All that being said, a shrine in the early game is enough to make up for the discrepancy, so if DS gets his soul ring and blue boots in a decent time he should be fine, but he will have to be a lot more proactive, making his laning stage a little more risky. An extra point in surge might be necessary, thus lowering the damage ion shell puts out OR putting off that value point in vacuum til later. The extra damage talent at lvl 10 comes a little late to be useful in the early laning stage when he needs it to farm, so I'm not sure that it will be worth getting when its utility will end with the end of the laning stage.



                solo deadlane pls

                  What the fuck are they doing to Windranger.

                  Gurin Jeimuzu

                    Lucan lost 1 Armour, but Wolves need no armour 🤔


                      Weaver is a he

                      aryaford #TeamOnodera

                        Rip ember and treant :(


                          "Now, technically, both supports could purchase both an Observer Ward and a Sentry for 165 Gold each."

                          That won't f***ing happen in SEA Server!

                          Temerini dNs!

                            Umji, you could be the one buying those wards.


                              As an avid Treant player, this is quite depressing as I think his nerf was the biggest of any. What is with this extra damage talent though? Encouraging Treant to go core?


                                BUGS GALORE

                                ♏ikeeCS ツ

                                  I am SEA player.
                                  Sometimes I buy 1 obs and even 1 pair of sentry (at previous patch) at start of game.
                                  Believe me, miracle is still exist, just pray with innocent heart.


                                    The tacky replicate bonus damage certainly won't make any impact on the balled out Morphling.


                                      Umji , maybe you play in a low bracket so that kind of thing happens.
                                      I play in SEA server and my avg for spending my gold for wards is around 3k when i play support.
                                      Well, you can be the one who buy those wards though, as 100gamesSuppor7 said.


                                        lol ember nerf is huge XD

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                                          Catsys Rivers

                                            Let me break this down in the most efficient language on the planet: math.

                                            Solar Crest stats - 12 armor / 75% mana regen / 25% evasion

                                            If you were to buy every one of the stats on it with their most efficient counter parts you would get something like this ~

                                            6 Ring of Protection (1050 gold) - 12 armor + 1.5 Sage's Mask (488 gold) - 75% mana regen + 1.25 Talisman of Evasion (1788 gold) - 25% evasion

                                            The total stats you're buying comes out to 3326 gold for this item at the games most cost efficient. You're saving 701 gold, that technically should be a recipe, but isn't. And that's not even going into the subject of it having an active ability.


                                            To give a fair comparison, I'll do two of the most popular items on the market. Again it'll only be in stats that can be monetarily measured.

                                            Helm of the Dominator - 4 all stats / 8 hp regen / 20 attack speed

                                            1 Gloves of Haste (500 gold) - 20 attack speed + 4 Iron Branches (200 gold) - 4 all stats + 1.25 Ring of Health (1063 gold) - 8 hp regen = 1763 gold total which is 37 gold more expensive than its most cost efficient stat counterparts.

                                            37 gold is what you pay for 1 dominated creep, 10 aura attack speed and 8 aura hp regen.

                                            Dragon Lance - 13 agility / 12 strength

                                            4 Gauntlets of Strength (600 gold) - 12 strength + 4.33 Slippers of Agility (650 gold) - 13 agility = 1250 gold total which is 650 gold more expensive than its most cost efficient stat counterparts.

                                            650 gold is what you pay for 140 attack range and it goes into a Hurricane Pike.

                                            Now keep in mind that Solar Crest is 701 gold less than it should be stat wise. That means not only are you NOT paying for the active effect, you're actually profiting 701 gold off of it.

                                            I'd say its about time for this item to shine if you know what I mean. ;D

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                                            Clare-God of Thunder

                                              heads up, S&Y isn't linked in your items paragraph. Nice analysis.

                                              MM.Brock Hall

                                                @arctic seas

                                                The terminoligy in the update says 'rather than', implying that the change is not an alternative method, but the new and only method, but I haven't tested it in client yet.


                                                  When will u buff arc warden?that hero becomes garbage after 7.00patch make aw a hero again lul

                                                  Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                                                    weaver is a she?

                                                    offlane islander`

                                                      Pugde should be nerf for sake. He most annoying hero in early game. Dat hook omfg.


                                                        Cat cafe
                                                        Thanks for sharing. I'll remember that.


                                                          You guys misunderstood my statement. The sentence I quoted in my comment has " both supports" in it, which don't usually happen in SEA pubs especially in MMR games. I'm also exaggerating the time I making that comment.


                                                            Why no actual useful buff for arc. He got nerfed way too hard. This patch sucks. Doesn't fix any balance issues. Balance the game around average pub games. Stop with balancing around pro tourneys. If you want the game to increase in popularity make the majority of players happy aka pub players. Pros make up a very small % of the player base.

                                                            MM.Brock Hall


                                                              I'm not sure I would call it profit because you still have to account for item timings and such, so if you stop to get this, you're putting off another item. However, calling the item efficient is definitely warranted.

                                                              I think it's kind of a great idea to grab at the very least a medallion on select carries these days. Get it on a PA and get that 7 armor reduction before going for the desolator. Honestly if you are trying for an early game strat that includes a deso, just get the medallion too, maybe bump it up to a solar crest. They're low cost and cost efficient items that can put you online fast.

                                                              Leper Messiah

                                                                I was clickbaited to this summary by the godly Tidehunter pic, disappointed he didn't get a mention. Couple of small but effective buffs to an already reasonably strong hero.


                                                                  funny thing you didn't mention arc warden changes xd
                                                                  Arc Warden:
                                                                  * Level 10 Talent from +125 Health to +20 Flux DPS
                                                                  * Level 15 Talent from +8 Strength to +200 Health
                                                                  What do you think about it?
                                                                  LVL 15 +200 Health or +30 Damage
                                                                  LVL 10 +25 Attack Speed or +20 Flux DPS
                                                                  I ussualy go for AS and dmg, but now 2x480 flux dmg and 2x280dmg from sparks from hero and his clone is really interesting (+normal attacks and maelstrom lightning)
                                                                  OMG monkey king will melt on trees :D

                                                                  btw. how much health gave 1 str to Arc? I mean is 200 health better than 8 str?

                                                                  Digital Dummy

                                                                    1 str = 20hp


                                                                      thanks neko cafe. ill remember solar crest nxt time i play slardar pa or even weaver :) solar crest ds would probably be nice too on ds tank build 🤔


                                                                        Windrunner isn't a caster. Stop trying to make it happen. Even if Power shot was on a 1 sec cd It does no fucking dmg late game.

                                                                        Bring back her Mana regen, give Focus fire crit chance or increase the duration of windrun

                                                                        dsabiakdtjir eftg

                                                                          Why is weavah a she?


                                                                            The changes AW got are pointless. The increase to flux is useless since the spell can be muted so easily. The AS and dmg are always taken over the alternative. So even though the changes to him are buffs. They are never picked. Arc needs movement speed, armor or right click dmg increase to be viable. He is far too squishy.

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                                                                            James Rhodes

                                                                              FYI, Weaver is most definitely male, newebs.

                                                                              Wayful Spirit

                                                                                With LD nerfs half of me is dead 😭😭


                                                                                  100 sentry ward is heaven for support players


                                                                                    love the summery well done

                                                                                    Arnold Swarzinigga

                                                                                      Just now i realize, weaver is a sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!,
                                                                                      holy shitttttttttttttttttttt.
                                                                                      What the hell is happening to DOTA 2, fix it volvo!!!!
                                                                                      admit it that youre wrong fuckkkkkkk

                                                                                      Дикая Звёздочка

                                                                                        Valve hate almost all the female characters in DotA. For example Queen of pain not so popular and has a horrible win rate, she has a terrible late potential, so they are removed lifesteal from blademail and kill her definitively as a hero. Lina fixed a long time ago, that talents dont safe her. Death prophet in the ranking of most unpopular characters and a low win rate. Why you are fixed her third skill and give horrible talents? Luna weakened, Vengeful spirit and Crystal maiden... as they were supports and they will. What a hatred of women? Your players complexes arise when they are killed female characters?


                                                                                          Lc is a transgender too lol!


                                                                                            I wish that both supports are too good to be true but nahhhh. Its a dream in sea server since 1st 3 picks are mid off and safe, then 4th will be jungler... Real talk!


                                                                                              Алло дотабафф где русская адаптация уже 3 дня жду