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          Offlane role in general needs some nerf, there were too many new features that buffed it tremendously (talon, shrines etc.)



            Wayful Spirit

              @speedy speed boy
              Offlane needs a nerf because I'm a core that wants to sit in lane 20 min free farm.

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                      MM.Brock Hall

                        The 10% evasion works a little against his skillset because, and correct me if i'm wrong on this, return only procs when an attack lands. I mean, I'd rather the attack miss, but it does mean people might be misjudging the damage output they expect to put out.

                        Probably not that big of a deal though.

                        The Motherfucker Himself

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                                I do beleive that it's his agha upgrade why pros picks him. It usually built as 3rd or 4th item, after dagger. That damage reduction is very helpful in team fights. Look how secret used it during clashes.

                                Добрый Почанток

                                  I choose Dodge, 10% of them can be crit or bash. Magic resistance can be increased by Raindrop


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                                    Mr. Guppy

                                      83% WR across 6 games, not 8


                                        @Brock Hall..I think return is dealt even before the atk animation evasion is safe to have on him.


                                          With centaur I feel the winrate is not as much affected by hero power. The ult basically only gives movementspeed and none of his skills are directly that amazing.

                                          He often saves people from bad positioning, leading to them to not throw games = higher winrate, its more of a natural dynamic
                                          Maybe his Aghs is a too good however, 60% damage reduction can negate basically anything that comes in bursts, 40% would suffice or make it more of a direct counter to either physical or magical damage and less of the other to make it more situational

                                          MM.Brock Hall

                                            7.02 just landed and the changes to cent are negligible if anyone is wondering.

                                            Lvl 10 talent went from 30 dmg to 35 dmg. So, despite getting a decent amount of play in pubs and pros, it seems like he is going relatively untouched. I'm fine with this though.

                                            ГАНГСТЕР ПОП

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                                                @ EnOc}{...Fog

                                                "Return only procs when a unit lands an attack, regardless of distance. This means it cannot proc on missed attacks." - Dota 2 Gamepedia.

                                                Axe's Counter Helix, Centaur's Return and similar skills were changed a few patches ago to proc after the attack lands instead of before.

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                                                MM.Brock Hall


                                                  The change was made because it was basically free damage for people that would fake attacks and probably for attacks that miss. Back then it was more of a minor change that made logical sense, but now it means you can't exploit the evasion.


                                                    WR 83%, 42 games

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