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Crippling depression

    im not fucking 1st

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      well i'm fucking 2nd... so where do i claim my prize??

        necronomicons + wolves = WP


          4 th


            yawn. still to short?

            I've been spotted

              6th life complete

              Kopi Cat

                7th heaven

                Te hokeo con de todo...

                  Report peru plis




                      He doesn't have low pick rate because he requires micro, he's friggen boring to play.


                        Lycan is boring? With decent skills 30 kills in any game is fixed for lycan. You need to know how to play

                        Japanese Alcoholic

                          I can't decide between fighter or pusher build.


                            @True Samurai Warrior, it really depends on the line up that you come up against. If you come up against a Pudge, Silencer or say a Juggernaut, I'd heavily suggest picking a pushing build. This is because the build can actually split push and take objectives whilst if say, Silencer uses his ultimate or his skill last word on you in particular you are simply out of the fight (depending on what time of the game it is). Lycan is reliant on the fact that he can freely move across the map to gank / push. Another factor is that if you're going up against the Pudge, a hook into a dismember simple obliterates Lycan, if the hook is not blocked by one of the wolves of-course.

                            The fighter build is generally useful when coming up against heros such as Timbersaw, Enigma, Bristleback or Phoenix as he has a large outburst of damage and can't really be taken out unless outplayed. Example of timbersaw's lack of high mobility and damage can lead Lycan shredding through him.


                              @true Samurai Warrior u can kill with pusher build, so i always pick pusher build.. many units + bkb + basher = ez kills


                                Know who else doesn't need micro? Beastmaster. Rush HotD then go into options and click 'auto select summon units'. And then just steam roll the enemy base for free wins.


                                  post a slark meta plsssss :)

                                  Landon Beckett

                                    I play a lot of Lycan and do get Boots of Travel early when I'm doing a 1v9 push build. BOTs + BKB + Necronomicon + your level 20 CDR is REALLY difficult for most teams to deal with since you can get megas so effortlessly if they commit to any push themselves.

                                    Hate The Living

                                      Get helm
                                      Dominate the Alpha Wolf 🐺
                                      Wait for mating season
                                      Grow your wolf pack
                                      GG WP


                                        @Fight Machine: Wait, what if Lycan's wolves are also male?


                                          lycan trash. pick balanar


                                            ESHO SLAAAM!


                                              lycan op vs drow XD (PS: lycan has vision so necronomicon is recommended)


                                                Lycan's howl is like Chen's ult on steriods.


                                                  22ne ;D


                                                    25th u what mate?


                                                      26th what the fuckin comment here


                                                        "the broken lycan" xd The only thing that Lycan has a little bit broken is the howl i think it shouldn't be 2x on night time it should be like 1.5x but really broken? do you know a fucking item called ghost scepter? i hope this post is some kind of joke, you say pick rate is low bec of non skilled pub players? how many pro players are picking lycan? oh my gawd

                                                        Btw there is a really really big difference between a lycan player and a tard playing lycan, in the micro, in the howls and even in the item/skill progression please learn how to play damned lycan before talking shit like this, most of the heroes look like broken in low mmr bec they are so fucking stupid, last game i played lycan while i was making necronomicon the enemy silencer builds a shadow blade and then he complains about lycan being broken


                                                          Ебоно ворот тука пидда окуел стали ааа???ипаль в лот утилку тукаааа

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                                                            MΞΞP MΞΞP

                                                              Did they fix the HotD interaction with Tusk snowball yet? Tried it with a friend in a pub, but if you get all the dominated creeps into your snowball, Lycan can get a new dominated creeps. Resulting in an army. An unstoppable army. Low priority was worth it afterwards. :D


                                                                @Blue Forever And Lycan can easily dominate a Satyr Banisher which has an inbuilt purge thus rendering the ghost scepter useless. So what's your point again?


                                                                  so all we have 2 do is freakin give wolvies bash back again! probs who ever remember this :)




                                                                    Siulan Kedamaian


                                                                      paNightmare mirror

                                                                        F*** this "healer".
                                                                        Please remove his "healing" ability from dotabuff at least.