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    cancer hero

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        just counter pick, he loses a lot if you have good crowd control

        Animal Husband

          ez tree bait

          OK ZOOMER

            Продам список просмотренного аниме.


              Good hero. realy situational pick cause there are so many heroes that counter him. Timber, Visage, Batrider, Zeus, Sniper, Bounty, Sladar and any other vision enhancing heroes.

              just me

                someone, take me to russia please..this SEA server monkey king each games, oh god..

                Brünk Hüll

                  He is glassy, but I think if they removed count on boundless strike and lowered the cast point on his ulti he would flow a little better and not feel like such a powerhouse.


                    someone, take me to SEA please..this russian server monkey king each games, oh god..

                    John the Jack of Johnsons

                      op hero. Impossible to lane against 1 vs 1. If you see 4 stacks on you then fight is already lost


                        Pure cancer for less than 5k mmr pub games

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                        Feeding fiesta |

                          True that. This bastard is cancer.


                            4,5k and i almost never see him win a game, hes not op. But his mischief is broken in some situations, e.g. it just cancels swarm from weaver. There is no hero that can reliably cancel swarm just like that (since you can allways predust), but this guy can.

                            basement :)

                              @JayJayOkocha, according to Dotabuff, he has a 49.06% win rate in 4k–5k games.


                                У меня и 1к ммр нет, и эта обезьянка в каждой катке. Как по мне то герой так себе, контриться легко, но что происходит с моими тимэйтами это просто ужас!!!! 80% поражений если он не в нашей тиме.

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                                I Report Feeders and Non-...

                                  ive ban the hero in all my ranked games haha.


                                    Maybe an op hero prelandingstage.. but after late game he totally downscale alot.. if you have crowd control,his good as a dead monkey.

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                                      own him using OD mid


                                        Glass cannon


                                          OD is a great counterpick, just remember to buy Force staff to get out of Monkey's ulti zone.

                                          *FarizTampan99 2nd

                                            bah , if u has the right item , this monkey shine like he find Buddha culai ini the end
                                            this guy can be strong late game hero, 4 hit with 200% lifesteal dude + 800 damage phyisical
                                            and i dont want to tell u what item is better to him
                                            coz it will be a cancer in the world


                                              despite what many ppl think, it's true he does some good dmg but I think its pretty balanced, maybe he just needs to be tweaked a bit.

                                              surprise tax fraud

                                                someone, take me to european server please...this north american server monkey king each games, oh god...


                                                  I don't thing Harambe is OP right now, people just don't know how to play against him. I played a few games as MK mid and no one respected his passive, on the 3rd proc the enemy mid continued to play aggressively, result: 4th proc + strike = dead. Harambe still a agi hero with low HP and you can just burst him down with Zeus/Lina or break his passive with Silver Edge. Almost everything in his skillset is physical so you can always play high armor STR heroes against him, DK and Axe are good choices. For supporters, the force staff/euls + ghost scepter combo is always nice, force staff can cancel MK ult by pushing him out of the circle and ghost + TP is the best away to flee alive from him. The hero is stong, not OP, you just need to know how to play against him.


                                                    i think the damage at the start of the game needs some nerfs. the lvl 2 damage is just insane. besides that he is totally fine imo


                                                      hi mom

                                                      just me

                                                        hi monkey


                                                          monkey ruins my pubs


                                                            Look at my monkey gameplay xD


                                                              ez counter , tree aghs , gg


                                                                IDK why people haven't thought of utilizing the fact that Wukong's Command automatically ends when MK goes out of the cast area. Heroes who can instantly force MK out of his ult like KotL's Blinding Light, Vengeful Spirit's Nether Swap, or a plain old Force Staff are already hard counters to his annoying ult.

                                                                [Luftwaffe] Pimop3

                                                                  I think he got nerfed. For me the best hero of this meta is phantom lancer!


                                                                    First game against him, I was Shadow Shaman.
                                                                    I had full HP, cast my Ult. Then MK casts his ult and onehits me and the Invoker in my team. We both had full HP.
                                                                    MK was level 8, I was lvl 6.
                                                                    Later in the game I build a force staff to push him out of his Ult. Did it work? No. Why? My Force Staff was muted as soon as I was in the circle.
                                                                    As I didn't read anywhere that it can mute all other spells, I think the hero is/has been buggy af.
                                                                    So to all you people who think he is not OP.
                                                                    When he can onehit 2 heroes in 1 second and gets an easy Ultra Kill in Lvl 8 with just 1 spell, unaffected by any other hero spells, it is op. Buggy but op.

                                                                    Need a hug!

                                                                      DELETE MONKEY KING PLEASE :(:(:(:(:(


                                                                        Played against him a few times, never been a problem. Pretty easy to counter imo. Definitely not broken.

                                                                        Merky Chumpis

                                                                          He needs some tweaking with his disguise interactions and the fact that that even if you interupt him on his channeling prior to ult it doesnt go on cooldown and can just spam cast it

                                                                          Merky Chumpis

                                                                            Maybe make his passive trigger on 6 procs and level 25 make it 4 or something along those lines, make his ult not have uam


                                                                              дааа уникааален
                                                                              он в каждой MOBA есть
                                                                              ДЕЙСТВИТЕЛЬНО УНИКАЛЕН


                                                                                Large scale deforestation is needed when this hero is present


                                                                                  Сейчас бы скопировать модель из Heroes of Newerth и выебы....ться

                                                                                  N U S R E T



                                                                                      what is ARTS?

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                                                                                        Наконец-то оптимизировали и сделали минимальный интерфейс игры!
                                                                                        Великое и лучшее обновление в Dota ЗА ВСЮ ЕЁ ИСТОРИЮ!


                                                                                        Но где патчи 6.89? И 6.90-6.99?
                                                                                        Или я считать разучилась? (