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      i hope they wont be just illusions i want something more complex like meepo


        second XD

        i hate magic

          Not first


            Nice! Well written but lacks more info and story about the other heroes and the new twesks and changes in hero design.


              I think with manta and heroes like shadow demon and PL the game already have enough illusions.


                "Earthshaker likes it"


                  i really hope icefrog doesnt forget about all the multitude of simpler concepts that have been thought of over the years that are still very good. theres still a lot of good abilities and hero concepts that arent "busier". im excited for the new stuff, but dont forget about the old stuff thats still good.


                    any guesses on the date of new patch?








                            Come on it's an Easy Spirit Arcana right :)

                            A go invisible skill, a march like ulty with illusions, probably agi hero since we had int then Str hero. I see this guy like pl/riki/earth spirit type lol he's Neo


                              SKELETON KING MUST BACK, the nasak goo "wraith king" looks pathetic.. also the FAT abyssal LIZZARD



                                So what about the old Naix? aka LifeStealer, when he was with all passives and a 10 sec bkb for ult? They change him a lot, and im not even talking about silencer who I do not remember if it was before IceFrog. I used to play a lot of w3 and they custom maps.


                                  isnt ember spirit an melee kaiting hero?


                                    This just reminded of the cartoon Monkey Magic. Haha, I never realized Sun Wukong was from Chinese mythology

                                    Marcel and Odie

                                      there isnt gonna be aton of monkey king illusions surpassing 8 of PL's.


                                        According to Chinese mythology wukong also has the ability to see through illusions. Though that may have niche uses does anyone think it will be implemented?

                                        Cheap Laugh Guy

                                          Monkey King so beyond godlike his legacy lived even in MOBA games.
                                          Ironic thing is, Valve decided to have the same voice actor of MK as well in HoN's.
                                          Awww man, the good times in HoN man. HoN could be such a great MOBA, it could almost surpass Dota 2 before D2 was out. But the S2 team decided to fuck it up so hard that I sometimes wonder if it was a sabotage by Valve. (You know how business works) Awww man, fuck business man.
                                          No matter how OP the new hero will be, HoN's MK will always be the high and mighty strong statue in my thoughts.


                                            Please release this thing already... We can handle it. And we want to see something that has not been seen before... In other words, were the hell is 6.89???




                                                Judging from the rest of the video (also mentioned in the article), he may or may not have additional unique mechanics such as free-running over trees (Assassin's Creed III anyone?), extending his staff to increase range (completely lore-friendly), and a possible camouflage feature similar to Treant's invis in treelines (or probably the trailer depicting the use of the rather underused Iron Branch active ability).


                                                  ez for es


                                                    .. i bet one of the passive is inbuilt MKB (nerfed down compared to mkb item) .. i can see MK having agha upgrade on ulti where u can consume scepter at level3 ulti to gain MKB and save some cash on buying one... the game doesnt need another phantom lancer- like illu hero...

                                                    Mr. Big Hands

                                                      @Cheap Laugh Guy Aww man HoN was a Dota clone man before S2 reworked heroes man and "fucked it up" man


                                                        we have 3 kings now wrath king sand king and monkey king


                                                          @Abysswalker the extended staff to increase atack range was implemented on the Gokong from Strife the game, it was an skill that it increased his melee range and give bonus damage i think.


                                                            His main Item Must be Monkey King Bar.




                                                                Please NO! Make a real hero and scrap this garbage.

                                                                The Robot Devil

                                                                  Good read, curious to see how they implement MK. Also interesting to note the trend towards more complicated heroes, which I hope continues.

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                                                                  UNCLE KUSH

                                                                    69TH THX FOR THE SUPPORT GUIZ LULZ


                                                                      I actually think this hero ain't gonna be different from Wukong (a champ some LoL players told me about). I do not like the idea of implementing such a hero, whose spells were given to other heroes, but i guess whatever, might still be a nice add

                                                                      Feeder Castro

                                                                        Great inform!

                                                                        PMS Mantra

                                                                          Is this before or after Fall Major? Also: BARF!

                                                                          2k indog monkey

                                                                            MKB main item pls


                                                                              am i the only one who hopes for the return of old hereos, maybe balanced a bit and with different models, instead of new ones?(like the old pudge)


                                                                                This hero remembers "The Forbidden Kingdom" 2008 Jet Li movie. :)
                                                                                the owner of MKB


                                                                                  Gr8 Quop tiddies!



                                                                                    I have a bunch of old RoC and TFT custom maps. Silencer was in some early versions of DotA. I'd dare to say from the age of Eul.
                                                                                    He could channel a rain of infernals for ult and that's all I remember.


                                                                                      The more recent, stable version of silencer actually had an aura which would silence heroes when they cast spell close to you. Would completely destroy like half of heroes in the current version of Dota.


                                                                                        Спасибо за перевод)))


                                                                                          Ура на русском статьи подъехали)


                                                                                            АЛЛО ДАУНЫ . ПЕРВЫЙ ГЕРОЙ НЕ ИЗ ВКРФТ 3 , АЛЛО

                                                                                            Code in Silence

                                                                                              when valve would release these hero?


                                                                                                I think it will be like a Warcraft 3 stamped skill, like tinker's March of Machines or the what do you called this weaver skill


                                                                                                  EvilArthas win

                                                                                                  he's a smurf

                                                                                                    Apart from arc warden i loved all the new heroes (ES,oracle,ww,underlord)

                                                                                                    Frostmourne enjoyer

                                                                                                      This hero is not of Warcraft 3, this is not nice.