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    nahhh she's good!


      first LOLOLOL


        nerf morphling. yea we lost

        Sugar daddy


          your right,morf need nerfs

          Tomash 黒鬼 Vrbada

            5st eeeeeeeeeeeee

            SHINRA TENSEI !!

              no...dont :(


                Drow is not OP, just that hurricane pike made her viable instead of being a punching bag.


                  "Her hero concept is simple enough for pub players to intuit her purpose and the game’s objectives."

                  last week i had drow ranger who thought she is anti mage and needs to splitpush and farm while her team is creating space. in my 5k average game. she got constantly picked of bec she was always alone. her concept appears ez to most of us i guess but there are always some dumb idiots who dont know shit about the game


                    well, drow will always be either garbage or super great. giving a teamscaling based on your carry's item advancement makes it way too strong for the team. the only way to balance that, is making the heroes self scaling bad.

                    But if drow's scaling is too bad, then she cann't fullfil her duty as carry, and thus be garbage. the point of balance is relatively small.

                    Look Back

                      JUST nerf Drow alr,players in 4k bracket doesnt know how to use it ==


                        She's fine.

                        Keep Awake

                          @strygwyr Drow is a famous ratting hero. But, if you want your ally to change their playstyle, try to COMMUNICATE with them. (Sorry caps, but this is the main point to improve poor teamwork.)


                            why nerf drow? nerf or remove arc warden



                              Nerf morph and meepo

                              rip Vanguard Zero 2019-2023

                                if it means seeing less of her, NERF.


                                  nerf pa + slark.. fucking sick of them in every single game.. and pa 1st skill is the most annoying shit ever in lane

                                  Jip Bot

                                    nerf meepo? srsly xD

                                    UnderGround KingZ (UGK)

                                      @KeepAwakme dude 4k-5k players tend to have high egos,individualism (most of them mute chat LMAO) how we can communicate with that


                                        hey i love you


                                          It's not about DR problem, just nerf dragon lance or hurricane pike.


                                            I like where Dota 2 is right now, only a couple of obnoxious heroes but even then the games still feel winnable. Drow may get a nerf but I don't feel like she has the crushing game presence in pro games or hatred in pub games (unlike heroes such as Arc Warden and Huskar for example); it's hard for me to see volvo driving Drow into the ground next patch.

                                            The Robot Devil

                                              I don't think she needs a nerf, but she's at a point where if you don't see it can be really effed after a draft. A lot like Husk, but usually a good pick anyway, unlike Husk.


                                                I think you meant "nearly 40%" on the precision aura section

                                                PMS Mantra

                                                  But she is so easy to gank...


                                                    Ye morphling is shit in the early game, but a strong late game hero; a bit too strong... Valve should nerf the hp gain from "morph strength" He's getting so tanky from that in split seconds...

                                                    Я Тракса

                                                      No, pls don't nerf me! I am good...

                                                      Nerf Tinker! Why not to nerf Tinker, who can kill every hero of equal power using only two buttons in a second.

                                                      Positive Attitude

                                                        she is fine.Morph needs to be nerfed like seriously,and sven needs a bit nerf too


                                                          NERF EVERYONE ! NERF GABEN !

                                                          JK, just nerf the dragon lance. The stat is so broke that it literally made the current meta.


                                                            She doesn't need a huge nerf, as I think she is in a good place right now; she is strong but not OP. The way you deal with her is you destroy her early game as she falls behind very quickly and pick a hero with a gap closer or strong shut down. Against certain line ups she is absolutely brilliant as she abuse the fact they don't have a gap closer or a harder carry, but she gets destroyed by early game line ups or very mobile line ups such as Slark or a Brood.


                                                              "Ditya surviving with literally 1hp because of Hurricane Pike, an item addition that has greatly benefitted Drow Ranger"
                                                              Auras lul:
                                                              black dragon armor
                                                              gaurdian greaves +hp regen and armor
                                                              AC bonus armor
                                                              tower arua Kappa

                                                              while the hurricane pike did most work, the armor buffs really saved him

                                                              *FarizTampan99 2nd

                                                                ditya ra just bait alche, until the good moment he use hurricane pike

                                                                ☠ wρ.Ņ∂ﮔん ﴾☆﴿

                                                                  nerf drow, storm ,


                                                                    drow is okay. she can be reliable base on her item. plz nerf timbersaw im sick of his passive skill


                                                                      Omniknight should get nerfed if anything. He is consistently has highest winrate in all brackets. He can make is team nearly invincible. He has very few counters and the ones that he does have are heroes that are not played often and an item that has a finite amount of charges. Buffing Euls to get rid of his Repel would be a good start.

                                                                      Huskar and Storm Spirit have plenty of counters, but if your team had an all magic line up against Huskar, or no disables against Storm Spirit, they would quickly get out of control.

                                                                      Drow is powerful, not so much as an individual hero, but because of her Aura where late game she can give her team over 100 damage. She has problems when facing more than one enemy.


                                                                        Actually she didn't die because of Guardian Greaves's huge armor and regen aura.

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                                                                          Donna Had It Coming

                                                                            Plz drow is shit i tell you. The one to be banned is riki . He influences the early game so much that late game its ez gg . I ban or pick riki every game . One game i didnt - I lost .


                                                                              If there's one hero than needs a nerf, then it's PA with her Stifling Dagger. Compared to that, Drow's passive buffs are justified.

                                                                              M . A . Y

                                                                                I guess valve will nerf all the ranged heroes or buff the melee heroes instead of just nerfing drow


                                                                                  @Killaa - your 4th most played hero, you filthy techies and pudge spammer.

                                                                                  Alissa White-Gluz

                                                                                    nerf item, pls dont nerf Drow.!


                                                                                      nerf troll warlord


                                                                                        nerf chen, visage and io
                                                                                        all too op


                                                                                          You just dont know how to handle drow, eh?


                                                                                            Nerf meppo please


                                                                                              Ofc nerf drow and forget about tinker who can one shot any enemy hero in the late game.. nerf drow and forget about timber who can be healed istead of dmg'ed if u attack him :)))
                                                                                              And pa's dagger

                                                                                              This comment was edited

                                                                                                Forget about Tinker, he's fine!
                                                                                                Honestly, I hate drow! NERF HER!!!


                                                                                                  And pls nerf timbersaw as fast as possible!


                                                                                                    nerf draw pls


                                                                                                      one skill in tha game makes 1000 of pure dmg, 60% movement slow, 4 secs cooldown, and cosume only 15 mana hahaha drow doesnt need nerf...