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      ee mid we gonna see some 1v1 kills

      (on envy)


        Is this just meant to show the teams? I thought these articles were meant to talk about Dota (the game)? But maybe that's just me please don't flame me.



          we do both! we release blogposts every other day and most of them cover the game, ehroes and meta related things, but every now and then we also talk about the pro scene


            "the mostly European squad", nice one...)

            rip Vanguard Zero 2019-2023

              No word on chinese teams yet?


                Navi for ti7


                  Navi no roster change

                  Asep Knalpot

                    Where's arteezy?


                      Seriously where is rtz?


                        he is attempting to form a 1 man team, and micro all the heroes


                          Miracle has also found a new team: "Miracle + 4" Kappa


                            Mirarteezy combo?

                            Nuclear Cockroach

                              Miracle mid and Arteezy carry would actually be a very powerful core lineup but where are the good supports to go with them??But seriously that would be extremely awesome to see them both in one team...EGO CLASH..wew

                              Jaeger Rayce

                                Miracle- to Liquid. RTZ still a ?

                                smartest retard

                                  Omg. I cant believe this. No 1st or 2nd or these shit. Thanks guys. Rly developing


                                    1st Lol




                                        NA'VI IS BACK!




                                            Are the rules about liquid.Miracle- confirmed??, Is miracle in team liquid now



                                              no handshake

                                                "Secret has now parted ways with half of their roster as only Puppey and Secret.pieliedieSecret.pieliedie remain. Joining the two supports will be three core players from South-East Asia"

                                                A minor detail but still: please don't put South Korea under the "SEA" label. If you are unsure about what "SEA" means, here is a source:

                                                I also loved the "..mostly European [DC] team." The exact right amount of cheekiness to lick some American tears.

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                                                  Ti7 the revenge of the fallen ^___ _^


                                                    south korea has always been labeled SEA in the dota scene.

                                                    PMS Mantra

                                                      I actually like Team Secret now.


                                                        @no handshake:

                                                        I agree, but I think it is widely accepted that South Korea has been part of the South-East Asian region at least in terms of competition. They qualify through the SEA qualifiers and the distinction btetween KR/SEA tournaments/region is gone. You're definitely right though


                                                          2nd 1st

                                                          no handshake


                                                            Fair enough. Thank you for specifying this particular use of "SEA". Also this reminds me that this page:

                                                            should be updated to mirror the change you mentioned.

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                                                            The Robot Devil

                                                              Good write up & summary, thanks, now I don't have to spend an hour on reddit :D


                                                                Just imagine the amount of space demanded if RTZ and Miracle- were on the same team.


                                                                  Virtus Pro is going to be a team to look at. Their roster looks extremely promising


                                                                    fEEd mid NotLikeThis

                                                                    Donna Had It Coming

                                                                      i really really hope Navi becomes like : Puppey , DEndi , XBOCT/ General(Good player general), Funnik and last one of old roster (forgot sry)


                                                                        @Donna had it coming

                                                                        Never more, Puppey will stay on Secret and Dendi on Navi and for me Xboct was a fail as carry pos 1 the last year playing for navi so i hope he never come back.

                                                                        PS: Dendi is now the only player that stay in the same team since TI1.

                                                                        not thp

                                                                          MIRACLE- MID
                                                                          ARTEEZY- CARRY
                                                                          CRIT- SUPPORT/ROAMER
                                                                          MOO- OFFLANE

                                                                          par73 KB24 | GTUBE

                                                                            "Similarly, there’s an argument to be made that this is no longer an all-star line-up anymore, though all of these players have proven on the big stage that they are top-class."
                                                                            It seems like that argument was shut down pretty quick