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    Need to nerf it


      second :) but yeah need nerf it so damn hard

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      Nuclear Cockroach

        since no one 1st or 3rd..
        NO im first


          A mixture of Od andp Pudge, be creative Valve!

          Papa ZEN

            Firestorm shouldn't effect rosh, other than that I really enjoy playing him. But w/e I'm a scrub

            Odin The Cat

              Buff him Volvo Plz

              Monkey fan #62

                More buff less nerf in Underlord Volvo

                The Night Beckons

                  the pit of malice is so goddam strong


                    "The Pit of Malace is so Strong"

                    everything is

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                      @BlurryBob indeed the desing.... well, oracle and terrorblade where just perfect, then this fat lizard resembles the bloodseeker F@k1ng ungly and failed desing... and.. i think he must be nerf.. porcetual dmg, bkb piercing low cooldown aoe stun, 42% dmg reduction and aoe teleport.. maybe is just me, but looks like an OVERPOEWERED mixed fat lizard made of crystal maiden, tide hunter, io and enigma..

                      Angry (^/.^) Bird

                        A very good role in team fight


                          The reason why he has a good win rate is because the hero is very simple, almost WC3 quality. All of the skills are easily understandable and very straightforward except his ultimate in certain situation.

                          Kenpo Jesus

                            Damn fuckin pricks that say nerf him get a rope, find a tree and hang urselves in it. he isnt a strong hero it's just u who suck at this game who cant counter a damn pit lord with nothing buta harassing flamestorm. fuck u dumbfuckin useless players that make dota worse


                              How the fuck are people asking for a nerf? KYS

                              JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

                                I don't think he is overpowered. He's ult should not work with summoned units and maybe his aura could be nerfed a little bit. But yea, I'd kick everyone's ass playing him.


                                  pit should not pierces magical immunity. now it's like a spammable treant ulti.

                                  Returned From Conscription

                                    I hope volvo didn't nerf this fucking ladder hero so much

                                    고독하게 Vash

                                      I agre underlords e needs to have a limit or kinda like shadow fiends necromastery cause it is just the most op shit


                                        this is just going to be like arc warden again, he'll get nerfed and everyone will forget about him

                                        Gurin Jeimuzu

                                          Arc warden only really got nerfed because Fear demonstrated in a pro game in CD what can happen if you draft him. Granted I don't think Underlord is that OP but he could do with some minor needs. Perhaps a range nerf on the aura?


                                            Everyone forgets about Arc Warden? Maybe with 1k players who rush Divine. Above 5k bracket, he has a 56% win rate with 11% pick rate. Underlord doesn't need a nerf, he is functioning like that since forever in Dota 1, going through so many balancing patches before going to Dota 2 unlike Arc Warden.


                                              arc warden was in dota 1 lmfao. and pitlord isnt over powered you just have to know how to play against him.

                                              Murdoc Niccals™

                                                Shitty builds ... best underlord build: travel silver edge mjollnir abyssal ac bkb (or butterfly) ... Rape

                                                Dr. Banana

                                                  He's too big.


                                                    knowing how to play against a hero, or, if the hero can be countered with other hero doesnt mean that a hero isnt overpower. A hero is overpower when in comparison with other balanced heroes he is too strong or have abilities that left in ridiculous spot to normal abilities of other heroes, ex:
                                                    crystal maidem ULTIMATE (chaneled magic dmg) vs fat lizard normal ability (magic dmg NOT CHANELED with porcentual dmg)
                                                    treant protector ULTIMATE vs fat lizard normal skill (pit of malice)...
                                                    tidehunder anchor smash (close range active skill) vs fat lizard atrophy aura (pasivo WIDE RANGE skill)
                                                    etc etc etc


                                                      u have a good point demon soul.


                                                        Buff your skills before asking for nerf.


                                                          Model is waaay to huge compared to the whole rest of the heroes


                                                          Passive is simply too strong, needs a nerf

                                                          JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

                                                            His Aghs will be TP available with neutral creeps. I'm IceFrog friend. He told me.


                                                              Good hero


                                                                Both 4 skills are very powerful.His is good at teamfight.This hero makes enemy feel sick.


                                                                  aura is OP


                                                                    >being a support hero
                                                                    >have no moment to spend wards

                                                                    This hero just need full support items to be OP such as guardian greaves, Crimson guard, pipe, and some desolator or SnY (less cost parts but more expensive) for effective pushing and harrasing

                                                                    The weakness of this hero is non right-clicker heroes that relies on magical damage and something that prevents hero for casting spells. Pugna and Skyrat Mage also OD could be a good idea against Underlord.


                                                                      Underlord has a very good win rate, because he is very simple. The current popular picks also aren't great in to match up against him, since his aura has a 900 range. He's definitely a great choice, because he doesn't really get countered and he isn't a counter himself.. I guess he's a great match up against split pushers and against lineups that rely on base physical damage ( drow ranger, sven, .. ). Not to mention that his farming ability is very reliable, even in offlane, simply because he can put his rain of fire on the closest large camp to his lane on either side of the map.
                                                                      This is a good hero, I think he needs a little nerf, but regardless he should remain the same in terms of win rate.
                                                                      One thing to keep in mind is that, Pit Lord, can be very greedy just like heroes such as Tinker and the like, which can leave the rest of the team suffering. He can easily overtake other teammembers farm which can quickly lead to the teams downfall.


                                                                        @marko good point, as the article says, "He should be making space, rather than taking it"

                                                                        An Average Noob

                                                                          I think that pitlord should be played as safelane support. It's very easy to counter a carry underlord, but a support underlord is simply a nightmare.

                                                                          You get tranquil boots for hp regen, and soul ring for mana regen. That way you can farm the jungle while the safelane carry farms the lane. And if the safelane carry is having trouble or needs help, you can setup kills with the pit of malice followed by firestorm, or simply scare the enemy off if they get too aggressive and attack your carry with either of the first 2 skills. The main thing to understand is that this is a hero that mainly needs levels, and as a result, he's a perfect utility (position 4) support. After tranquil boots and soul ring, I typically go vlads if no one else has is buying it, and then crimson or pipe, and a mobility item, preferably force staff, followed by shiva's.

                                                                          I've been playing him support for 9 games with the above build and have won 8 of them, and I'm not a good dota player.


                                                                            Unrderlord support is best support m8. I even can make skyrat mage carry the game later after accompanying him at offlane in early game. After my support items finished, time to build desolator XD.


                                                                              I dont know man, his 3rd skill is annoying as fuck as level 4 reduce 42%
                                                                              its fking insane dude
                                                                              nerf it into 8/16/24/32 is more reasonable


                                                                                and.. pit of malice shouldnt bypass spell inmunity.. bkb is pettry crap right now..


                                                                                  If you tards honestly think he needs a nerf then you can't play the game