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            The problem with Low MMR games is that they ALL want to turtle. They only do real safe plays. So that's sucks, because anything you're trying they "say" you're most likely dead, so that's what happen. Nobody on your team follow you and then in about time 3 or 5 guys are on you and you're dead. This sucks cause I won't be able to higher my mmr never. Or I will have to be patience as fuck and spent the time I would get 5 wins, getting 2 wins. But, real torture is when there's a guy that calls himself pro cause he knows how to jungle. And then 4 of you are like playing good come on, let's go win. And this guy sits on the jungle letting all the team die on a non-balanced 4x5 fight. If this happens 2 or 3 times in a game, you lost. Ahhhhrg, that sucks. You even have to stand on the side of this guy thinking he's a "pro", with level 11 plus he generally has a 1x0 score or 3x2 or 5x4, whatever, to ensure himself his lame position. Why I haven't been calibrated a little higher? I know I wasn't that good on last hits, but I knew how to play and have game awareness since I use to play Dota 1 long ago. FUCK. When I play mid and carry I feel really lame, because my opponents generally doesn't make a treat to me. So that's me smashing 5 no-brains guys. Is this how Miracle feels by the way?

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              good hero

              JaCK SPaRRoW

                No, you were not the 5th. I was.

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                    One does not simply throne


                      These kids are turning a very useful and well done article into a joke instead of comment interesting things...

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                        i would like the idea to push as 4 heores while having a potential late carry farm freely... the 4 heroes should be: 1 core-mid (pusher), 1 initiator (AoE), and 2 supports... take their towers 1-b-1 (i usually put a ward behind their tower while pushing, so we can see if they're trying to defense theirs), force them to rotate aggressively... the worst case is maybe u get ur carry ganked or forced to leave the lane (so he cant farm)... having a lane ward might be the option to keep ur carry safe and feel comfortable. another ward should be put on your own jungle (entry) might be the last option available,, so ur carry could also farm the jungle... i just dont like to play defensively,, it requires you to have more sustain-able heroes in your draft... in my opinion, playing defensively could limit your overall team farming space... i personally prefer my idea rather than defensive gameplay... objective gaming dudes....!! i know that dota has a lot of aspect to win a single game (walking 20s without any purpose = in-effective).... this is just my idea,, what do you guys think? G.L.H.F gamers.....

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                            those that comment on the sequence of their comments will always be in the <3k mmr zone. they don't bother to read the article and learn. click on their profile, 90% will be in the normal skill bracket.

                            turtling teams needs to be punished real heavily in early and mid game. when going high ground, you will need vision. any heroes with vision or heroes that can force a fight/make someone out of place (bat, dark seer, pudge, axe) is very effective against high ground seige. when going high ground against turtling teams, also have a hero that can seige the towers without fearing. drow, tb all fits this category.


                              Necrophos Appoved !

                              The Ancient One

                                Where is 6.88 Pub Tier List? BibleThump

                                Aroma White

                                  Add potential hero tier list in these kind of strategy articles :D that would be good


                                    Well ANIMAL, abandoning as many games as you do, you can be sure your mmr won't rise up indeed.

                                    Yippiee ki-yay, mother@#!...

                                      I love glue


                                        Seriously ANIMAL why d'u whine with 10% abandoned games


                                          very nice read thank you


                                            what's the aim of this article

                                            too boring and useless for everyone who managed to get 5 players together also useless and complex for pub randoms

                                            i guess if yu have 4 rl friends and ready to lose them you can try some of those games


                                              The article is good but I am sure good players know it already and bad players won't care.


                                                25 rd EZ


                                                  tl;dr version pls




                                                      Maybe it doesn't deal directly with this article, but I find a huge reason I lose in 3k-4k games (obviously because no one supports) but also, people want to take stupid heroes offlane. As soon as game starts, someone first picks AM for safelane and the next picks Jugg for offlane. Nobody wants to have an initiator for the offlane. I wish I could que for "non retard ranked" but alas that isn't an option.

                                                      Gif me mana

                                                        Xyphxer : If you got tb to siege a highground you generally dont fear late game that much except if you dont have the good supports to protect him/have very bad teamfight heroes. Because so far i think there isnt a lot of heroes that can match the dps of a 6 slot terror

                                                        Moon Moon

                                                          Juggernaut with blink can make for a very decent early-mid initiator and blade fury ensures a safe tp out. And 1 point in healing ward also makes jug a headache in the offlane


                                                            I like turtles .


                                                              Well, looking at, what kind of carries are picked right now, you start to think, what kind of turtling could be. If Slark is picked - there couldn't be any kind of late game, cause he pick sb + orchid = you are in a tavern every 5 minutes. Not in this meta with these broken carries.

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                                                                @Don'tThinkAboutItTooMuch , which broken carries? :3


                                                                  Maybe the best dotabuff article I've ever read, these features apply to so many of my games!

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                                                                      as a turtle team you can for instance try gaining more time to farm by always counter pushing the enemys, for instance with anti mage.


                                                                        Orchid limits slarks carry potential , sucks on carry slark , unless game is just steam rolled .

                                                                        月読 司

                                                                          I played a match yesterday when the enemy turtle is just not penetrable. We destroyed their mid rax in 20 min and their techies just changed the flow of the game and we lost then. So how do you deal with techies?

                                                                          Class Prez

                                                                            Against turtling? Get a good ganking support like bh and lion Heroes thats needs to turtle are greedy. They need more farm,gank them Force some tp reactions while your p1 farm

                                                                            "Isha" akbar>Sigmar Umgak...

                                                                              translate to german pls xD


                                                                                You're a moron
                                                                                You're supposed to pick a push lineup vs turtling lineup.

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                                                                                  Go rosh and then go YOLO


                                                                                    good guide. i would advise split pushing trying to create distractions while the strong pusher goes in for the raxes. usually 4 man bot and 1 pusher top will work or vice versa.


                                                                                      turtling has always been my fav thing
                                                                                      noobs tend to overextend on a failed gank and doesn't use their time to farm (they use it to hunt for kills,and after they do they never take objectives or farm)


                                                                                        The numbering of dunces is over, I guess?

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                                                                                          This guy, ANIMAL, wow...

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                                                                                              And I can't even understand what that ANIMAL guy is writing. All that broken english lol

                                                                                              KID STARR

                                                                                                Is there more flowcharts about Dota 2 related things?