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      1st comment, smallest dick ^


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        I mean third

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          Stop the first comments.

          Ive always enjoyed roaming as riki even before the pros did it.

          ever since his rework ive been going phase, urn, diffusal, yasha, and depends on the game from there

          яйца в омлет

            Riki imba


              I used to go HC riki, even after rework.
              Blink dagger is the way to go. With it and ult, riki becomes almost as elusive as puck.





                Core Riki is still best, he was buffed by OSfrog not for to be support


                  Riki offlaner got no fear, 2 sentrys qblade and tangos and nothing can happen.
                  Roamer riki is pisck waste. Why talkign about pro games when 80% population here stays in random pub games.


                    The best counter i find to heroes like Riki, BH and Clinkz is Spirit Breaker, the charge + dust And Urn is a Great counter to these Heroes.


                      riki is love riki is live

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                          Riki is not op. Stop spreading any news that might make stupid idiots think he's op. I want the article about 6.88!


                            @Suco de Piru I am waiting for that too! xd


                              What about dealing with phantom riki??

                              Ghost payter

                                how to deal with timbersaw and tinker ... as a support and also a core with no mobolity skills ... DansGame


                                  Rip Phantom Riki


                                    @Purplevoodoo What is phantom riki? :3


                                      Disruptor maybe work in highrating games with roam riki, but pos 3 riki with fast diffusal will easy kill this lowhp supp in smoke. Only works after forcestuff (but try to buy it with 0/10 at 5 position). I don't like guys like abba or orgemagi, they are really annoying for rikii.


                                        on june 4 something really bad happened to riki

                                        No Diggity

                                          i like riki with or against a jungling carry. after the early 2-min roaming phase, riki could just farm in the safelane while the safelane ursa, who should have a morbid mask like now, go farm in the jungle. that way you have an extra core without putting too much burden on the pos 5 support.
                                          also, picking riki in the 2nd phase in captain's mode gives the drafter a slight edge in terms of the flexibility of the draft, as you can run riki as a roamer, a farming support and a jungling carry, or as a carry paired with io

                                          lm ao

                                            bring back #PhantomRiki

                                            Branded Ghoti

                                              23rd comment, bit*hes xD

                                              feeding weaboo

                                                hi guise me nob riki is so op omg so hard to kill


                                                  despite he's annoying and succesfull, i dont think that was necesary make an article of how to counter a "35min difussal blade riki".. it is like make articles of how to counter every support in the game

                                                  You are idiot

                                                    Orb of venom at the beginning, boots and maelstrom are a must on Riki. Wind lance, blight stone can be very useful early game.
                                                    Also a basher can be essential, works perfectly with the maelstrom and riki's ulti. When you ulti 5 heroes dmg is half of their hp or more, till they get out. You need to roam with riki a lot especially if they use sentry wards. Chnage lanes, and go gank
                                                    It can create perfect ganks, when playing with lifestealer, or a good spirit breaker and other heroes.


                                                      If you're losing to Riki it's your own damn fault.

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                                                          i have 900+ matches on Riki. LOL


                                                            @iDestroyer filthy riki spammer


                                                              "This is the most common skill and item build for Riki in pro games"
                                                              > max smoke first > blink second and inv last

                                                              what kind of riki is this? bounty hunter? what? " Riki is a better Bounty Hunter", the hell is this, where is the mini stun and track on riki?

                                                              Roamer riki is just so sad to see, he is a carry, he need items to rekt everyone
                                                              Why the hell would you buy wards, rush S&Y/manta and basher

                                                              And as I always said: True sight is expansive. Don't waste time with vision, you are riki. If the ennemies want to see you, just let them see you.

                                                              Never listen and try to act like pro players, they are on their own meta.
                                                              You want to stomp like Phantom riki?
                                                              Hard carry rush S&Y basher DB and dagon.
                                                              And don't say that Omni is a counter, its absolutly wrong, riki rekt this guy because of diffusal.

                                                              TL;DR: Pro players play riki as bounty hunter, think that he is a better bounty hunter... But he is not. Just go carry and rekt the shit out of your ennemies. AFK farm until 3Rapier and daedalus.


                                                                Were's Necrophos he can kill riki with death pulse and heart stopper.


                                                                  What about fuckin slardar?


                                                                    Riki is strong because his backstab (many people dont know this)

                                                                    I prefer u counter with bristle, because he is tanky and he have good passive

                                                                    Or bloodseeker , coz riki HP is very low

                                                                    Bounty hunter is bad counter, because good riki know how to deal with bounty hunter/slardar easily

                                                                    And i prefer u buy mkb because his smoke give 70% evasion, u can kill him even in his smoke after mkb


                                                                      I agree with Reagaemane..Slardar and gondar's ult can be countered,since diffusal blade is one of riki's cores.It can purge off debuffs and Riki can be now as elusive as puck.A lvl.1 four-second ult. is nothing to scoff at since blink dagger's break cooldown is just three seconds.It's like you have a Sleight of Fist and a little invulnerability of Phase shift.


                                                                        Helping ally riki become fat is really effective to win the game...

                                                                        But the only feared weapon that feared by riki is sentry ward. its better than dagon...

                                                                        thats why ward is the deadliest item.

                                                                        i like to pick lina while the enemy is riki... so i can going tactical warding and laguna 'em up.