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    So It Goes

      Good article, still hate rikimaru.


        third i guess :3 ughh riki :///

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        ✪ -HaBBu. ♥҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉

          BAN Riki from DotA please for god sake!!!

          Lets Fly Fly Fly!

            Fifth! ~ interesting article


              Please don't give this hero any publicity! I beg you Skim my friend...


                intresting article,Forever Rikimaru! =)


                  wtf, one does not simply buy armlet or play riki as support, had 2 games with him today, bought a casual wind lace and OoV, and went the classic Diffusal , SNY , vlads and basher, first game had 17/2 second one had 18/0 and even bought a divine rapier, altough I dont know how much my opinion matters since I am a 1900 mmr player

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                    well i think echo sabre is a huge buff for Riki(maru) couse , he slows as well damege output is nice same like with diff nice reg , couse atless i have a huge mana problems while playing riki , it's a cheaper and doesnt need to charge him.. 1 minus is that you can't debuff you form dust , but still I think now it's way better :) and yes riki is nice :) but i disagre with the build , but whatever :)

                    Neinchelbergüenstrassen -...

                      The hero is not in the meta, not because of his skills, it is because he is in the list of heros that are countered by a single item/ability

                      he's a smurf

                        I used to hate riki before, because i couldn't find the proper way to play him well this was back when we used to spam the chat with "riki is invis now play safe." but now i Just fucking love him i really love playing midlane riki with early urn and blink and get That sweet manta by mid Game i get so much mobility and survivability at the same time 😊.

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                          Rikimaru. That silent assassin. Well-written article, appreciated.




                              99% of the people dont know how to play riki, and this article has 0 clue about it as well.


                                Nah. Riki.... Strong but shity hero


                                  Riki isn't a bad pick haha. I usually run him in the safelane and can carry hard using him. I have above 70% winrate with this hero (4k bracket) its just u need to know how to play him well and when to pick him. Hes actually a good counter against invo. Dont say that riki is only a 1k mmr pubstomper :) good players can stomp in high lvl games if h only know how to use him


                                    "Riki does not build into a utility support. You won’t see him pick up Guardian Greaves or a Force Staff." Whaaaat.. Pls research before you post admin.

                                    That said, i'll pray Riki got aghs in the future..

                                    Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                                      Why anyone haven't mention the Desolator? Its awesomely good that it provides a debuff on all enemies when you activate your Ulti whilst giving your team a buff up to their physical damage, not to mention it stack with your other abilities, and stacks with Diffusal.

                                      My rules of playing Riki are:
                                      1. Focus one squishy target and end it as fast as you can. The Lesser enemies the lesser problem.
                                      2. Avoid being the center of attention in a Teamfight. This can be done by being the last one to enter or surprise them after they starve all their spells.
                                      3. Importantly, you're squishy so do not overdo...staying too much would mean risk and more enemies will come.


                                        dust pls.........


                                          Most riki problem is "Hey Im invisible! Nothing can hit me!" While a pudge already throwing his hook or invoker already cast sunstrike. Funny tho dealing with ppl think like that and still running straight :/


                                            one word :Slardar


                                              riki aghs= ult is now toggleskill lmao


                                                Do not forget the impact Diffusal, you can make your enemy slowly on smoke screen , as you can either purge any annoying spell

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                                                  Dagon and Rapier build ?
                                                  seem legit (miss our glorius Phantom Riki btw)

                                                  Donald Trump

                                                    why an article on riki, I dont want to see that ugly gollum in my pubs


                                                      kuroky riki Liquid vs Newbee


                                                        14 hours ago

                                                        99% of the people dont know how to play riki, and this article has 0 clue about it as well.

                                                        Hey, I think you know what you're talking about seeing as how much you played him and your winrate.
                                                        Can you give us any short tips on what you're doing? I'm curious as to what lane you're usually playing him on especially since putting him in the safelane is quite awkward.


                                                          I didnt play new riki that often, but now i tired to play him offlane and i liked it. 9/9 games won. 4k.

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                                                          Work Work

                                                            1k mmr chat chat thinking Professional teams are wrong EleGiggle

                                                            285 24 3.9k mmr
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                                                              Goth BF

                                                                You won't hate rikimaru if you have or you're a goos support in team :3

                                                                СТАНЫ = ИЗИ ВИН))00

                                                                  i have 900+ matches on riki

                                                                  best being


                                                                    How do you often play riki as? In which lane? I see you are very experienced with the hero. I love playing bounty, and I would love to learn riki as well.
                                                                    May I add you on steam? I would love some good advises.

                                                                    СТАНЫ = ИЗИ ВИН))00

                                                                      @Road to kaka
                                                                      Sure. Add me. I'm glad to give some advices about this hero.

                                                                      while (!"false");

                                                                        Wings just won a game with support riki on their team, but he did not become a deciding factor and the other team did not bother to buy dust either.

                                                                        Hunter o Caçador

                                                                          No diffusal pls report topic

                                                                          QiceQiceBaby #GoAvsGo

                                                                            oh my god, why do you have to write about this shitty hero, why give him publicity. i literally spend all my reports on riki pickers, this hero should be deleted from dota, what the hell was ice fraud thinking when he created riki. thank god for a banning phase in AP ranked matches, i always nominate riki for a ban, and he gets banned 90% of the time. FUCK RIKI. FUCK RIKI PICKERS. AND FUCK ANYONE WHO GIVES THIS HERO ANY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!


                                                                              you say to do research... so you've done research?
                                                                              just look at this:
                                                                              how many matches do people buy eul's, force staff, greaves in? MINUSCULE amounts.
                                                                              Riki is no classic support hero.


                                                                                brown boots

                                                                                got a 5-2 record with this build since the update.

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                                                                                  Skullbasher or Battlefury( for extra dmg when ultiing)
                                                                                  ez wins !


                                                                                    easiest hero in dota


                                                                                      tranquil echo sabre is the build for an early roam/offlane riki :)


                                                                                        Article seems to give weird builds. Happy see that people in comments understand the power of mid game items on him. My item build is normally:
                                                                                        Start: Orb of venom, ring of protection, tangoes
                                                                                        Then I go into:
                                                                                        (Aquila sometimes)
                                                                                        Echo Sabre
                                                                                        Skull Basher
                                                                                        This is possible in normal games. When everything goes REALLY to shit you never know what happens.


                                                                                          well the true is this carry onlu needs 400 cost boots and diffublade to rampage enemy team


                                                                                            за Русь


                                                                                              Can you edit in the last part of the article and talk about Diffusal Blade please?

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                                                                                              D. Igne Natura Renovatur ...

                                                                                                Axe is a hard counter. And LC can survive his jungle gank and serve as bait for duel.