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    Now you can't say first.


      Second then


        Best hero in the game for... 4 patches I think?


          2 patches


            in 4 lock, stock, and two smoking barrels reference

            BSJ fan

              What is the point of posting "first"?


                why are Abbadon and Legion becoming more popular? I don't get the last sentence


                  You don't understand, posting "first" makes some kids feel special.


                    @Wolfmother: I believe it has to do with Aphotic Shield as a strong dispel as well as Legion Commander's own respectively. Remove the Boar poison slow and BM stun, I could be wrong..


                      Abba and LC can both dispel the primal roar on allies, hence why they counter Beastmaster, leading to a slightly higher pick rate.


                        Boar Poison no longer goes through BKB, but great article.


                          First, im special


                            give this awesome hero beastmaster 2 extra boars who can poison trough bkb.its good he got that passive 3 skill give attackspeed so all u need do is get dmg items ,and u are unstoppable fast and cool. =)


                              "Necronomicon synergises exceptionally well with the Inner Beast aura" NO

                              ", since both the Warrior (red) and the Archer (blue) have very low BATs’ of 0.75 and 1 respectively." YES

                              " Increasing their AS, therefore, has a much stronger effect." NOOO OH GOD NO

                              Punk Rotten

                                Boars attack no longer pierce through magic immune anymore. v6.87c already released.


                                  Playing Beastmaster before he's cool. He can farm the entire wave of creeps with a boar and those cool axes.


                                    eighteenth... Not too bad I guess? LOL


                                      Necrobook + Boots of Travel.

                                      BoT to a lane, pop boar and book, pop bird ahead of where you want to push to see potential gank, use axe to clear wave, use minions to keep pushing.

                                      EZ gold EZ space


                                        Somewhere there is "Beasmaster" instead of "Beastmaster"


                                          My favorite hero at the moment! <3 Hope he doesn't get nerfed to the ground :(

                                          Long Bottom Leaf

                                            Forgot to mention he can have 2 hawks.. So strong dude...


                                              ez counter


                                                5 little meepos sit at the fence, sit at the fence ,then one blink daggered away .

                                                JOHN TRAZ DE VOLTA

                                                  I think BM is pretty good for farming and do good in pick-ups, ganking heroes. But when you got to T3 he gots pratically inefficient. If you don't get a very good and sincro team. You done. There's no more creeps to push, neither you need more space. But you need to take f*cking T3 down and he's f****** useless.

                                                  Keep Awake

                                                    @Xeracu Yeah I more or less agree, but if he has a necro 3, that'll help for teamfights and pushes. If the team has right clickers then his aura will help as well.


                                                      ez prey


                                                        You forgot something, BM's axes can be used to farm/damage the ancients