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    The Fart Of Time

      wait wut

      par73 KB24 | GTUBE

        wow .52% of the dotabuff population has won 100 or more games with a bkb, that is absolutely pathetic as my 2k ranking; please tell me this measurement is wrong or that i have the population wrong. good lord there may be hope.
        with that said the achievements look sweet, hopefully it will help inspire players to find new ways to play.

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        Ridleng #13cm



            gid gud


              Oh fucking hell games going to be deaed


                lol nvm


                  @par73 that's actually the one achievement where that stat is inaccurate (we just added it before launch). Give it a day and we'll have a more realistic sample size. I just laughed out loud that you found and pinpointed JUST that one.


                    lol great

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                      For the arbitrary awards (play a hero before they changed to X), why is it necessary to win the match to get the achievement?

                      Then again, I suppose they are arbitrary...

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                        this is amazing!


                          Amazing and oddly related to my mmr 3815 points... my friend its 4085 and got 4060 points.
                          I hope this feature motivate players to get better and try new things. Btw its my time to play zet, kaolin and oracle.

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                            Good Job guys!


                              Missing Windrunner and Lycan Arbitrary Awards, do you need to win for them to count?

                              black november

                                WOW very interesting, good work! (i did most of the achievments lol though)

                                Dead Bart

                                  before people even start whining about this 'ruining' future games... you already have Battle Pass and past compendiums with silly challenges not to mention a lot of you pick stupid heroes just because.

                                  let me help you

                                    Nice one!




                                        nice xdxdxd


                                          Dont like this, if only one person plays sub-optimal dota cuz of this, it failed, and that will inevitably happen.


                                            Very nice, it's something we need to give dota 2 more depth.
                                            And it's a gentle slap on Valve cheek "Look how it's done".
                                            Thank you !


                                              98TH percentile ; not bad but 42.7K/RANK OF 2.9M seems pretty shitty tbh



                                                par73 KB24 | GTUBE

                                                  @Lawliepop haha i've taken courses revolving around statistics and that just looked like an insane outlier, glad to hear it's fix is on the way! looking forward to the occasional DB huskar aiming to achieve 0 deaths in my upcoming games

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                                                  Fancy Sauce

                                                    I think this is amazing. Is it going to be exclusive to DBPlus?




                                                        lol, log in to dota buff. Read achivement announcement. Get hyped.
                                                        Check out my achivements. Realize ive done 95%. All hYpe was lost.


                                                          Is there a way to link this info to an overwolf app (or something similar), so after pick stage - you can see your potential achievements ?
                                                          and I can't emphasize enough on the AFTER thing, so @Spatula's nightmare won't become a reality.

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                                                          ㄒ卄🝗 🝗🝗🝗🝗ҽ 闩⻏ß丫丂丂

                                                            Aren't you missing the Obsidian Destroyer - Outworld Devourer Arbitrary Award?

                                                            [RR53] RR

                                                              I love this. How accurate is the data?


                                                                Nice feature, but why is my history counting from December 1969? That doesn't make sense to me. Probably some Unix timestamp issue? Due to this bug I got the arbitrary achievements for playing since 2011 and 2012, although I started in 2013.

                                                                EDIT: yeah, looks like a Unix era problem. I apparently played my first game of Dota on 1970-01-01. Can't quite remember what computer model that was. Surely not Amiga or Commodore, that was 10 years later. :-D

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                                                                Chenuwine - Pony

                                                                  Would like to be able to order the achievements somehow.
                                                                  "So, what are your most rare achievements?"
                                                                  I don't know but I would like to!

                                                                  Squirrel Overlord

                                                                    This is absolutely amazing. Seriously! Its the most unique addition you could have possibly added! You'll have my Plus subscription for life! #WoWNerdsLoveAchievements


                                                                      Make achievements for reaching the leaderboards for heroes? :)

                                                                      Black Jesus

                                                                        Win 1000 Games: 0.00% global competition. That can't be right.


                                                                          let a new era begin ....

                                                                          Boladão De Pau Duro




                                                                              Thunder Warrior

                                                                                I would like to know what are all the arbitary awards. I only have 4 lmao.


                                                                                  I've played as Wisp twice before it became Io, where is my achievment? #sad




                                                                                      What's about adding the related achievements to the Heroes' pages? I think it will be usefull to have an opportunity to see all achievements for our favorite heroes.


                                                                                        A permanent incentive for players to attempt "achievements" instead of focusing on winning ranked games or actually improving.


                                                                                          want to see more hardtry achivements, like a "Throne For Throne" - Win a game with 20% health of ur Throne.
                                                                                          "Dont Save Private Ryan" - Denied 10-20-50 allied heroes.
                                                                                          "Know ur place" - Kill enemy who makes buyback 25 sec ago.
                                                                                          But sure, its a great job. whoah. I hope valve adds this idea to steam. And make little gifts for high tier achivements.

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                                                                                          For Valhala

                                                                                            GGWP !!!!

                                                                                            god is my lover

                                                                                              why? //


                                                                                                Weaken Their Spirit
                                                                                                Build a Desolator and get 5 assists on Vengeful Spirit
                                                                                                Within a single victory, play Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit and build Desolator Desolator and get 5+ Assists
                                                                                                now all in the pub will do it



                                                                                                  someone like you

                                                                                                    How can i know about all Arbitary Awards? Just interested in whole list.


                                                                                                      Why there is no Arbitrary Award for playing Outworld Destroyer before he was renamed into Outrold Devourer?