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O homem que ocupa o trono...





        I am sure Dota doesnt exits for 20 years xd, its like 10 y/o @KawaiiSocks fix pls

        supp only

          I think he meant 20 years experience total from all 5 of their players


            I thought this way, but that sounds retarded doesnt it?


              >left to right
              >old eLeVeN

              Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                what about vici and newbee or are they not in the major


                  @i.trofimow#road_to_vhs dota exists for around 13 years I think.


                    Ehome win


                      I hope for liquid as a german team <3


                        Vici Gaming got direct invite to Shanghai Major but by their recent playstyle, I think they lack team chemistry. Really hope they can put up a fight in the Shanghai Major

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                          Boring, come one, better articles please...

                          Ghost payter

                            nah, [A] got this ... i think ..

                            12 year old

                              LOL GET REKT


                                This is the only relevant article that DotaBuff has written.


                                  A got my ass.

                                  ΕL Νehnio

                                    and after all of that we 're just waiting for a real Dota team with 100% winrate. We need a better performance so we can watch a better strategy for simple win mode. The classic builds are so boring. Players that play pub games years and years have learned all of the classic build situation, but the most of the players are so bad if you think about a dota game that needs teamplaying and strategy to win with not much efford of last-hitting or item building either. So i am still waiting a team that can prove that dota 2 is a strategy game and not just campaign that you start and the game guide you to the story. Many teams can win a single game in 5 minutes and other waits for the fault of the opponent. This is Dota!

                                    # WALKER

                                      gg comended


                                        EHOME gonna reach Top 3 for sure. They played so well at MarsTV, high expectations from them.


                                          i think one chinese team will pop out of nowhere in the Shanghai Major. TI5 CDED surprised everyone, so i think in their home turf some relatively unknown chinese team will pop up. Maybe the new Newbee led by Chuan can surprise everyone. But who knows.


                                            I think chinese teams will get eliminated by EU next Major

                                            Yoichi Isagi | Blue Lock

                                              China's best chance was Newbee back with Hao, Chian & Faith. DK's was back in TI4 with Mushi and crew. As for VG it was back with Black & Iceiceice. As for ROTK and Burning and them back when they were in Old Man team. Now that they are seperated and have B+ rosters I think they will lose. At most we get a good run with LGD and CDEC again.


                                                amm . que mrd es esto


                                                  все корабль ,все в артстайла ,минус артстайл


                                                    Chinese dota ez doto, no one in the top 8.