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      I do hope and pray that OD will not become OP otherwise he will be a MMR grind tool and my favorite hero will be ruined.


        The change to surge on DS won't significantly change how he is played, it just might change some people's builds. 3-4 clarities, tangos, and a stout, go straight to soul ring, then aether lens (with the ring being the first item you purchase), and then boots. Aether lens makes him just as good as he was before or better.


          Surge was once 50 mana at all levels... so no one gives a damn. As for Obnoxious Dementor, once people discover he's a safelane carry & not a midlaner anymore -- people will cry salty tears while they await their respawn.


            Fuck Invoker.

            Derp's missing tax files

              Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 31.43% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.


                Rikimaru's ultimate is probably one of the worst in the game. He is now basically the same as Ember.

                Since it is a flat 1 attack per second if you build any agility items the attack speed is wasted. So riki either has to just build flat damage increasing items like Daedalus (basically becoming a shittier ember with a 40 second cooldown), or go the old agility items build and only get a single point in his ulti at 6 and then skipping it until level 24 (like ember). People were starting to adopt a battlefury build to make it viable to crit off creeps like Ember as well, but Icefrog nipped that in the bud right away - "he's not ember spirit guyz!".

                Any hero who is not otherwise slowed or stunned can walk out of the field in 2 seconds. Making the hero reliant on lockdown like RP, black hole or disruptor's field thing to have a good ultimate is just bad game design, you are rarely likely to have one of those heroes in your game and half the time they will be on the enemy team rather than yours.


                  You realize it's mad strong to dodge stuns & various other things? Also helps in a 1vX situation. If you can't put it to good use it's your own fault.
                  It's probably one the best skills in the game in the Rosh pit or any choke.

                  Jabba the Mutt

                    - embrace her new form - you sneaky devil


                      Haha this is like redditor's analysis.

                      Fake Xer0™ 様

                        my first immpression on winter wyvern was that she is a counter for majorly physical reliant team. People are just too used to the lockdown component of her ultimate that they forgot that what she really is. With this change she will do what she really is supposed to do amd that ultimate can still kill someone if there are enough hitters in enemy team. 'embrace her in new form' well said

                        коля нар[котики]
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                          Kung Flu
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                              I agree that invoker's change was an overreaction. At most it should have just dropped to pre-6.85 levels, or just increase the mana cost.

                              Stone Cold Steve Austin

                                With full range, and a load of viable builds and spells for both laning, ganking and team fighting, I'd say weakening his laning presence early game is justified.
                                He has a high win rate even in low mmr pub matchmaking games despite being one of the "hardest" (or at least, most finger-requiring) heroes should tell something about his power and prowess.


                                  OD is OP.


                                    дота уже не дота а кусок говна ебаного

                                    Wise One

                                      i like that

                                      CApo del dota...

                                        RIK Ulti= EMBER
                                        Pugna Ulti= Death prophet


                                          this dude's posts are garbage


                                            why invoker why!!!

                                            Il Separatio

                                              @Gin, at least it gives us some different perspective from us :3. I find it helpful as a support player :) xd


                                                I did expect more numbers from statistics here. Have to agree with Gin.


                                                  WOW... very low level analysis.

                                                  It isn't an analysis at all... just his "redditor" opinion.



                                                    Faceless void seems abit more viable now,because he was quite crappy in both initiator and carry role last in 6.86b

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                                                        cool stuff


                                                          Rip timeguy


                                                            just play void like am, battlefury then flash farm

                                                            Christian Brutal Sniper

                                                              "At the same time, some of the changes do feel like they cater for the community too much. It makes for a rather dangerous precedent. And while some community control over the game is needed and expected, too much of it might have a negative effect in the long run on both competitive and pub levels."

                                                              Couldn't agree more.


                                                                They changed invoker to his old form- an useless, weak hero...
                                                                Now he can't kill pudge or viper/windranger at beginning of match, because he is too weak for str heroes and too slow for agility heroes...


                                                                  Why you need kill them at beginning of match, dota is teamwork, just gank with your teamate. Now invoker still strong if have good teamate.


                                                                    For me invoker is really good for Strength and Agi hero. Just need to choose his skill wisely. for strength play Quas Exort for agi play Quas Wex. Thats All.. ;D never fail played with pudge or viper at mid. xD its FOOD.


                                                                      The end of shadow fiends era. Sad.

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                                                                      Pot of Prosperity

                                                                        Meh riki

                                                                        Pot of Prosperity

                                                                          Meh riki


                                                                            My 'ex' main hero silencer got rid of UAM stuff which is great op shit, I wanna see Magina get rid of UAM mana break, what do you think?


                                                                              Shameless Void...

                                                                              Hoodoo Operator.

                                                                                I'm so sad at what they've done to DP. I loved that hero so much prior to all this re-work non-sense.


                                                                                  i'll spamming od

                                                                                  Wibu Jago

                                                                                    Luck that if i got riki pick in my team, my team always win


                                                                                      дота 2 хуйня,


                                                                                        Я на 1 опять перешёл .


                                                                                          I will spam OD for easy mmr

                                                                                          kale khate mere tatte

                                                                                            Od is broken icefrog really need to highlight strength hero also