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    is this for real?

    Overkill of ASE

      DP nerfed, Kunkka buffed, looks like Dota wants me to stop playing it


        Iron talon is good on ursa since his slow jungling is one of the only drawbacks of the hero. Unlike other carries he rarely/never builds items which let him flash farm a jungle camp.


          Kunkka yes!


            I feel like the aether lens would work pretty well on Zeus. At the moment you're forced to get a blink dagger to get decent positioning to get your bolts off. I wonder how it interacts with static field. Thoughts?


              Still dont know why puck gets so little changes. Clearly noone gives a puck anymore.


                Kunkka new meta confirmed.

                Wingmann Whifferfeld

                  well, since they destroyed WW, I can't see anything positive about the patch. Any more nerfs, Valve?


                    How come you didn't say anything about Silencer?

                    He's the biggest change in the patch notes tbh.


                      RIP huskar

                      Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                        huskar ww dead..

                        LC and PUDGE OMG....pudge already so dominant in low-middle skill dota wtf are these insane buffs?

                        sven damage increase by SEVEN aghs very interesting...she could basically win every single duel if she targeted the supports

                        Shinsuke Nakamura

                          Valve destroyed WW. Whyyyy? Are you forcing us to stop playing DotA 2?


                            You should have mention awsesome iron branch upgrade!

                            Stone Cold Steve Austin

                              Dragon Lance is the thing that I like the most in this patch.
                              Everyone I talked about it though immediately thought of it being useful for low range heroes (which makes sense, since it has a much larger proportion boost for low range), and definitely something Morphling can opt for as first item.

                              Captain Underpants

                                OMG!!!Riki might be back guys.Not very good for me as i like to play support T___T

                                LyCaN (add my smurf)

                                  Niche item? that item allows you to take care of ursa warriors easily pretty early in the game as lycan, it's a core on him.

                                  Jabba the Mutt

                                    void looks fun, time dilation is like a poor man's time lapse, i think dragon lance has most appeal as a disassemble option for midgame-lategame transition

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                                      fuck this patch




                                          This article didn't mention the most important part of the Doom changes -- He no longer has a way to pop linkens before using his ult.


                                            You failed to mention a very important thing. Hero stats are now enabled in client thereby rendering you guys almost redundant. i mean the main reason i used to even drop by was to check my stats. Miss you dotabuff after the update


                                              Nothing about Arc Werden synergies?

                                              Jabba the Mutt

                                                the gold reduction on courier is glorious, always left with 45 gold and wanting another clarity or iron branch. With the branch plant, it seems awesome (happy little trees!), but i wonder if it consumes the branch to do it

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                                                  When will come the update, because its not in the game...


                                                    Post about the map would be great, haha...
                                                    Dotabuff also needs to have better analytical tools than in the client to stay online


                                                      Steam not sowing the upgrade, isn't it available yet?,


                                                        I like the direction of this patch and I think that the game in general shall be made very interesting with plenty of variations. Also Venge buff is ridiculous MingLee


                                                          does Aether Lens work on things like sandkings burrow? making it longer then blink ( with ags ofc)
                                                          Also does work on pudges hook?
                                                          it also nearly doubles the range of dp's new ability?
                                                          seems like a very strong item just for the range, considering its pretty cheap.


                                                            DOOM cannot cancel LINKEN anymore, why don't you even say a thing on it? Silencer biggest changes no comment on it. Anyway Kunka support will be this meta, aghs rush and RP + SKEWER - like ulti incoming. It will be op in pro scene, fail in pub scene i think. It's also true that Void will rely on Blink now and will be able to fight without chrono (you can exit the fight with timewalk after you got damaged). I don't understand why did they KILL WW, that's not a nerf it's a hero kill...sad cuz Ember is still OP...

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                                                            ✪ -HaBBu. ♥҉҈҉҈҈҉

                                                              PIT LORD not coming this patch?


                                                                im done with dota now

                                                                BUM!! I'M REALLY LIKE THAT

                                                                  R.I.P. Winter Wyvern. Fuck you Icefrog.


                                                                    @Great White
                                                                    What Wyvern? There is no such hero in dota.

                                                                    LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                                                                      Enchantress is gonna be an interesting pick now, widespread jungle buffs mean a more reliable earlygame, and Dragon Lance gives you 70% Aghanims' effect for about 40% of the price as well as the HP she needs so badly.
                                                                      With Aghs that's a straight up 870 attack range, which can be huge when it comes to being effective in fights for such a squishy hero and could give her a lot more lategame potential.

                                                                      (also note Dragon Lance says the item doesn't stack on itself, but Aether Lens says nothing and has 8% magic resist which is minimal, and possibly intended to be stacked? >:D )

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                                                                        LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                                                                          ^^ that's a scam and if you click that link your steam account will be gone.


                                                                            VIper + dragon lance + orb of venom = gg


                                                                              they just killed huskar..theyr politely removing berserkers blood
                                                                              and they buff ck legion ursa more...

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                                                                                  With low casting range for the Spirit Siphon, I can see blink dagger as core for this particular hero. It'll be like Exorcism > Dagger > Silence > Spirit Siphon > Crypt Swarm. Another interesting changes that many people seem to missed is the nerf to Dark Seer Ion Shell that can be purge. Since Oracle Fortune's End can not only be cast enemy but also on ally, it will be the direct counter to Dark Seer Offlane due the purgability.


                                                                                    Gameplan for first game on 6.86:

                                                                                    Pick Treant Protector buy 6 iron branches and plant a treefarm for my carry

                                                                                    LESBIAN WEREWOLF

                                                                                      stuck in river no trees? plant branch and use Q for 50 gold shadow amulet


                                                                                        skill range is too damn far

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                                                                                          I'm gonna love this patch kappa.


                                                                                            When will the update actually be available? I love the notes sure, but how long until I'm playing instead of reading?


                                                                                              @BROS you can play try it by using dota 2 test.


                                                                                                Btw time for dotabuff to hire more R&D guys to stay relevant.


                                                                                                  dragon lance for enchantress, core item?

                                                                                                  Леонид Агутин

                                                                                                    где русские епта