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    "it's only a game" - lel

    oke lol



        South American players should read this post!

        Derp's missing tax files

          Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 34.43% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.

          R i b e r

            SEA people should read this, specially malayshit, singayporean and indoge.
            and pinoys shoud learn some "manners"

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              south american players should defitinely read this post!


                lol that mango-comment - it's in every post.....
                Not only south american players should! It feels like almost everyone should improve their communication-skills.
                Or at least be more friendly.


                  everything stated in this post might be true and should be minded by some flamers out there.....
                  In the case I meet somebody in my matches who has a hard to time, i try to support them with ingame actions rather than communication with voice chat or chat wheel, looks like one thing i can improve ^^

                  WHY YOU LOOK SCARED?

                    south american players need ready this post 85 % is fucking flame tards

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                      wew lad we need 6.86 right now guys, afew more shitposts and this community will collapse on itself

                      DZ (Ammar disciple)

                        i wish they will allow us to make our own chat wheel phrases, it would be way easier to spam someone ''you suck pls uninstal the game'' (or something like that) than to stop playing and write it myself. I could really use that in my games. Long live flaming idiots lel

                        racist gamer

                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!
                          Well Played!

                          Bobbyx Qrwa Mac

                            I couldn't say better


                              3 hours ago

                              SEA people should read this, specially malayshit, singayporean and indoge.
                              and pinoys shoud learn some "manners"

                              Xenophobic sentence --> says others need to learn manners.

                              I usually am kind to my teammates, even when they make mistakes. That is until they flame me... It's rarely something constructive and most of the times comes from the one guy who is throwing the match. The best solution is to mute ASAP... You can never convince a Dota player of anything, don't even try. If he says dogs fly, say goodbye to him and mute. That way you can start focusing on the match again.

                              El Zorro

                                There are some people traumatized by the "Well Played!" up to the point they only see it as an insult, and think there's a very elaborate joke when you are congratulating them. Also, every time I see the command "We need wards" I get upset, especially when there already are wards on the map, I have barely seen anyone ask for wards when there are none in the map, and got the idea that everyone asking for wards is just wanting to mess with the supports. Every other phrase is useful though.


                                  you CAN make your own chat wheel phrases... and scripts...


                                  The Medic Guy



                                      I love how everyone reads this article and immediately disregards it to start flaming South American's in the comments.


                                        ALL PINOYS MUST KNOW THIS, THE MOST SLOWBRAIN SEA PLAYER


                                          The sarcastic Well Played also pisses me off that I actually removed it even though i used to use it exclusively when a game ends. A lot of players are know-it-alls and pro wannabes that think they're better than a lot of people, so lo and behold their core picks and the infamous "Let me mid". I also despise those players telling people to report the player with the most mistakes or some newb or noob, be it ally or opponent, they cannot grasp what the report button is for. Hopefully a lot of people can read this post, good read.


                                            Just mute everyone at the start of each game




                                                @_mmc If getting pissed off at Peruvians for using English servers and flaming is xenophobic, then I'm a proud Dota 2 xenophobe.

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                                                **** me!

                                                  most common words on SEA server
                                                  well played =PuTANG INA MO!

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                                                    the one who got flame the most is support. I FEEL YA . WE NEED WARDS XD.


                                                      having a name such as fucking russians die or slavic inferiority isnt nuff ?


                                                        i dont think the people got the point of this post

                                                        Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                                                          i think chatting is the most easy way to lose focus in a match...this very opportunity being given to us to make our feeling known can be counter productive

                                                          we then start spending more time coming up with words that can do the most damage in all chat flaming rather than buckle down and do something in the game

                                                          the game itself then becomes trivial to the point of being a farce, with our sole focus being on coming out on top in the flaming war with a team mate or the enemy

                                                          at that point the game itself doesn't even matter...its happened to me countless times...i actually consider myself to be a pro flamer/ abuser

                                                          the game needs to be more designed in a way that people play to WIN in ALL situations and not lose focus at the first sign of conflict

                                                          once immersed in the war of words with your own team the game is definitely lost because you cant try to get a wind out of someone and focus on a way back into the game at the same time

                                                          maybe communication with only chat wheel is the solution? and only people in a party can communicate thru voice channels

                                                          this will help foster a more team based approach since everyone knows that playing with friends will probably result in better co-ordinated game play

                                                          i think there exists too much communication between team mates than is necessary....the general population can quite frankly not be trusted with this much freedom and this results in the toxic environment that we know and love so much

                                                          valve needs to start looking at this just as much game content

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                                                            Nice article. But let me add, if it doesnt work and u know that that person are gonna blow up and will ruin ur game, mute him and enjoy the silence of the forest.


                                                              mid or feed........




                                                                  So in America, it's South Americans they don't want to play with. And in Europe it's Russians they don't want to play with. It is clear to me that the US and EU are racist. Kappa


                                                                    cyka blyad


                                                                      I kind of resent the idea of "It's only a game."

                                                                      In my own experience it just feels very patronizing because you're implying my feelings are unjustified and invalid because "It's only a game."

                                                                      We're all playing the game to have fun and when we stop having fun we're likely going to feel mad for many reasons. Team mates, sudden loss, lots of deaths. Anything can make you mad in Dota.

                                                                      So please don't tell people that it's just a game. I can guarantee you're not going to ground somebodies emotions by saying so. 100% chance that it'll just make them more angry.

                                                                      Duc D - CatOnTheMoon

                                                                        Dota is a team game is right in an extend. It's only a team game when you play in a party where there is a communication and understanding. In solo, it's you vs 5 in the other team and 4 of your teammates. Just face the truth. Flaming happens in all MMR, no matter if it's 3k, 4k, 5k or 6k. It's the individual skills tell good and bad players apart. Being able to adapt to any situations and different type of teammates is also a skill and it's individual skill. You don't just tell a bad player to play better (or stop feeding) and he get better. You have to overcome all the negatives if you want to raise your mmr. The end of story: mute all 4 of your teammates (and unmute them at the end of game) and play by yourself.


                                                                          putang ina mo

                                                                          Lucky Godzilla

                                                                            oh god, did the author ever queue with this russki retards, incapable of anything except flaming and feeding?
                                                                            stay on your fockin putinserver and stop queuing westeurope


                                                                              mute everyone and focus on your game and you'll probably have a better time / win rate
                                                                              cuz lets face it, there are dumb-asses and jerks that play dota
                                                                              there's a ton of noobs / new players too (and hey, you may be one yourself!)
                                                                              but the bottom line is that you want to win and "communication", more often than not, only makes people lose focus on the game.


                                                                                Kids who just started playing Dota should read this.


                                                                                  Bullshit. Volvo's retarded matchmaking is to blame.


                                                                                    Its only a game thats i care about and spend a lot of money to make a good lokking
                                                                                    of course i will get mad
                                                                                    its not easy to get money when ur a kid and if we ask our parrents for money,then they will ask "for what" if i say dota they will kill me so i need to get money on my own
                                                                                    thats what i get mad for


                                                                                      not easy get money this genaration.what should i do?
                                                                                      sell drugs


                                                                                        what i can do if there a teammates like a stupid as a shit
                                                                                        report? and lose still lose, cant do anything
                                                                                        (NOT MAD,JUST OPINION)


                                                                                          Mangoes don't win games, they win lanes.

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                                                                                            Happy Pill <3

                                                                                              Don't expect Pinoys to change attitude. See this totally related picture:

                                                                                              Pinoys are like Kobe. They go on the internet (yes, it's not only in Dota), then act hostile towards EVERYONE. It's the culture here in the Philippines that's the problem. Going to an internet cafe full of uneducated kids who skipped school to play Dota and being watched over by another uneducated, trashtalking and prefers-to-play-MMORPGs-than-feed-wife-and-kids shop owner, Pinoys are exposed to a culture of only one build works, if you don't agree with their opinion you're wrong, always take mid, reply putang ina mo to everything and probably, the most dangerous of all, the I'm better than everyone attitude.

                                                                                              @the guy above that said pinoys should learn manners: Nope. Not an easy task to do. Teaching them manners would have to involve making them realize that they have the capability to learn something other than a cookie cutter build in Dota. You can't even tell them to take a bath let alone teach them manners.

                                                                                              INB4 Pinoys in Dotabuff: "Putang ina mo. Ako mid"


                                                                                                CHI LONG QUA!!!!!!!

                                                                                                Chi Long Qua Intern

                                                                                                  CHI LONG QUA is the best DOTA 2 PSYCHOLOGIST THE WORLD HAS FUCKING EVER SEEN !!!!!!

                                                                                                  Mad Tasty Pancakes

                                                                                                    You can tell by the tone of the article it was written by someone who usually feeds a lot and gets flamed. You CAN control your feeding, eggs, whether you tell us you can or not.

                                                                                                    Happy Pill <3

                                                                                                      4.99 deaths across 2k+ matches doesn't seem like feeding, does it? Try again.