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      kek im second kek




          So you won one game in 3k ranked and now the hero's relevant?

          Top notch.


            The trick of playing this hero-- don die and spam your spells at a safe distance.

            waku waku

              all he can do is kill shit in teamfghts but that's not always the way to win the game so...

              キリャ チョ

                pls ban this hero


                  he has to dominate the lane, like viper, otherwise he's useless. VG JUST played it, and lost... 2/8.

                  Derp's missing tax files

                    Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 34.43% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.


                      yes give me the respect i deserve !!!

                      Nwabudike "Agwuegbo" Abim...

                        dafuq have i just read, lol, so obvious


                          hahaha, this is saying... well what everyone should alerady know XD
                          if ennemy picks zeus, huskar is gg, zeus cannot kill a huskar LOL

                          Shmoop (all muted)

                            I find it weird there's so much emphasis on glimmer cape being a counter to zeus. Isn't zeus the counter to glimmer cape? Please clarify, i'm interested.


                              The only thing that zeus countering glimmer cape is the invis mechanic, which in higher tier doesnt even matter cause whats important is the extra magic resistance that it provides. It really hard to per say that a hero would counter a hero and an item would counter a hero, cause u cant really analyze things based on just a single hero vs a single item, cause dota is a 5 v 5 game folks

                              Shmoop (all muted)

                                You're probably right, but it's real common to see around 2 glimmer capes total for each team as the game goes on. This is still kind of a big single-item counter. But yeah, I forgot about spell resist, too. That's huge on the squishier supports vs. him. Good point.

                                Ridge, Gatekeeper of 3K

                                  Fuck wards, also this guy shits on WW and WR.

                                  NEVER NAZAD zaa xd

                                    If zeus is support, he counters glimmer cape.

                                    If zeus is core, glimmer counters him.

                                    Easy enough?


                                      chat shit get banged

                                      Ms. Bea (Crownfall Quest ...

                                        Anti mage pickers laugh at this

                                        The Medic Guy

                                          NERF THIS OLD MAN, HIS 3RD SKILLS JUST OVER POWER

                                          ♀25 MMЯ✞

                                            its 100% sure lose in evry rank 5k-6k MMR


                                              useless SB

                                              Champagne Papi

                                                more ms plz


                                                  take tusk, kill zeus, finish game

                                                  Col. Hogan

                                                    He won't get popular because of his auto-attack sound, when you start the attack it sounds like all hell will break lose and you're like ermegersh this is going to be epic and then it does like 9 damage after an eternity of waiting for the animation to end


                                                      You didn't even mention Rod of Atos, which is great for pubstomping.

                                                      Gives mana, mana regen via int, a SOUL-CRUSHINGLY OVERPOWERED slow, and some HP for tankiness, all things that Zeus needs.

                                                      You mentioned lotus orb, and not Atos. Waow.


                                                        was I the only one who looked at this article and said "OH SHIIIT THE PATCH IS OUT?!" and then was like.... naaah.... back to other games. The wait is real.


                                                          really for 4-5k mmr pick zeus? sad


                                                            IMO veil of discord is essential. i think its the best item to get early on after arcane boots. 25% extra damage is huge, especially if you are getting it at earlier game (early lvl 4 lightning bolt + 25% is OP), and also for its short cool down andits AOE active for 15 seconds is very long. zeus have short cool down on skill 1 and 2, you can get like spam 5 skills including his ult while the veil is still active. and it scales pretty well on later game if you have refresher and aghanim.

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                                                              Nope, Z0mBi3, youre not. I was also confused. :)

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                                                                  6.86 give zeus pure damage problem solved even bigger problem made.


                                                                    If he does become popular in the pro scene, it's probably going to be as a support (unless some new item is introduced for magic-based cores). The ability to remove enemy vision without paying for sentries is huge on this guy, and I'm surprised you only briefly covered it, not under strengths, but rather only under playing against.

                                                                    Divine Wrath

                                                                      actually Zeus can kill Huskar (tho usually both dies). It only requires adaptation to the game instead of following a brainless build that will never work when hard countered. (by any chance you ever ever ever considered spend some damn cash on a silver edge vs huskar instead of just feeding him ? and see what happens with his magic resist.)

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                                                                      Divine Wrath

                                                                        In fact in most cases Zeus has a very bad perception and his gameplay is altered and twisted specially cause most people in pub games are not willing to learn, react, respond to picks, lazy to do basic math, etc, etc.
                                                                        For example he is poorly played as ganker. Ganker by definition has 2 means. Once, kill enemies 1 vs 1. Secondly by helping lanes with unexpected presence. That means either mobility items or shadowblade. Which item to take ? Consider enemy picks. I always hear how bad shadowblade/silver edge is for zeus. It is in normal conditions. It is very very valuable against Jugg, against heroes with passive magic resistance, specially against huskar since not only it provides resistances denial but also gives the oportunity to actually have a good finishing physical damage that Zeus greatly lacks.
                                                                        Poorly played by always going same brainless build with Agh/Refresher while staying 10 miles away from the fight. Because you make your enemies having better targeting and disabling since they actually engage in a 5 vs 4 battle. Since you lose your damn passive effect entirely. Since most probably you will die in the next 5 seconds when u finally enter the fight since after using ult twice (doubt you'll get the combo items faster than 35 minutes) you'll be perfectly useless and also probably facing a team with pipe and bkbs.

                                                                        So as a conclusion, if you are unwilling to adapt gameplay with Zeus you are actually begging for opponents to build a 5 vs 4 game, while giving them the unique chance to pick up carries as Huskar, AM, Viper, etc, since as mid/nuker in 99 % of the cases you will never pick last......


                                                                          lmao veil situational?

                                                                          it's most certainly the only core item for him on this entire list


                                                                            @soulshifter blademail is a much better pickup against huskar than silver edge

                                                                            silver edge is shit most of the time especially since he can purge it off with his ulti...

                                                                            Divine Wrath

                                                                              blademail is an useless item on any hero below 2k HP. As Zeus you wanna think if you wanna risk and embrace first lane from start and build blade mail first, which is total crap option since it gives u small to no mana pool. If huskar is smart however he will put some stacks on you, cast heal on himself and laugh as you burn, since burn is magic damage. Adn you'll be amazed how useless blade mail is on a hero with 1k HP. If you go Core and more hp items...well, in late game you'll have to consider much more than huskar. And you are already Zeus, kind of forcing enemies build bkb, one item that again makes blade mail useless.
                                                                              He can purge alright, but once you are invisibled you are the initiato, so usually you have 1 second after invis break to take full advantage. If you can't do the job in that one second, well, you would have failed anyway against huskar, so not worth engaging.

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                                                                                lmao normal skill shits theorycrafting again

                                                                                why would you need 2k hp to blademail huskar when your spells as zeus can easily get him down to 1/3rd of his hp while his own ult helps him get there as well


                                                                                  So he got no buffs. Sick.


                                                                                    I recommend the new item Aether Lens. Allows him to stay farther away from the fight while dealing great damage.


                                                                                      Valve, can you make this hero looks more ugly?

                                                                                      Pot of Prosperity

                                                                                        Zeus OP