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    1st comment, I want to thank my mom and dad for their support and you, my younger bro, for being tard and make me laugh all the time

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      Since i saw 'faceless void as support' i was saying: this post is fucked up


        ^No really, there was a trend where jugger played support in the international.

        It depends on the composition of the team, skills and their teamwork.

        Btw good post , good explanation on the statistic.

        MC Khovic

          Slahser once did a void support .


            well, FV has no support skiLLs tho.. one slow which unreliable due to short range in low lvls wont do much help.. but a jungle or a safelaner would be possible.. jungling and buying wards are still possible tho.. in high teamwork or good composition draft what FV needs is just an aghs and timely chrono... like the OP said, people wiLL find a way to do so..


              i play spectre as support

              Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                pretty useless articles tbh....more of fact stating than any knowledge or fun piece



                  i think the most flexible heroes is lina, like he can support nuke on low lvl and farm fast to excel his item in late game.




                      Wow you guys rock. I never have seen such detailed statistics from dota2 matches. I think the most important fact is shutting down the enemy midlane=higher chances to win the game. I laugh so hard when you gank 2 times their mid and then he rage quit.

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                        Totally dissagree with antimage having to build battlefury. Why farm 5k gold on an item that only helps you farm more? Why not an urn and manta?

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                          @Doofy this article is far from useless. It's exposing a lot of information and explaining what it means to players; information I'm sure you were oblivious to, prior.


                            @Keestered battlefury easily pays for itself even if you're just a mediocre farmer. It accelerates anti-mage's farm to keep him ahead of the other team's carry since he has no innate farm accelerator like cleave, moon glaives, aoe nuke, etc.

                            Keestered Bounty Rune

                              @spaceman it takes a good antimage 15-20 minutes to farm a battlefury, that is an early game team with only four players. Sure they will have lategame, but what if the other team has a lot of early game? Look at slahser's antimage, its the build and playstyle I use for my antimage. This current meta isn't geared for farmers, it's geared towards kills and being able to get them.


                                in the 3k bracket, many players don't like how I play Gyro as utility/support(tranquil, Eul's & mek carrier, missile and barrage only)...
                                it actually works very well against offlaners is weird but it can work and well at that too

                                I also play Tiny as support/semi jungler (arcane blink only)
                                (toss creep stack to mid via Toss)
                                once again in 3k, many not fond of it although in 4k which i had a brief time spent it was appreciated

                                Lich & Axe mid was an experimental theory crafting dual lane I did with a friend and it works well against zeus, qop and SF somehow
                                but that was lower 3k bracket

                                there was a time offlane tusk as mek carrier wasn't accepted ya know

                                Or hell
                                SF/RAZOR/VIPER mek wasn't even a thing in DOTA 1 back then

                                overall, since DOTA 1 that I've been playing
                                from experience many heroes are flexible and are not restricted to a single lane except for a few
                                (offlane FV wasn't a thing until after TI3 pros did it)
                                but it seems the community needs the meta to dictate if a hero not seen before as a support is accepted
                                (like a pos 4 NS or roaming Mirana or mek/greaves BH)

                                this is the beauty of DOTA though! Possibilities and change! Embrace it!

                                FLEXIBLE HEROES FTW!


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                                  Currently the Enchanted Mango only has a 36.43% win rate. Together, we as a community, have the ability to fix this problem and end this horrific tragedy. Please help. It is our duty as gamers to give this item the respect it is due.


                                    My support void in ranked games win 3 out of 4 games.
                                    And yes by now you should all know Dotabuff articals are just stated facts. They are ThE besteht stats site for dota 2 and Statistik never lies.
                                    But can always be misinterpretated and can hardly lead to a simple direct answer. It's like looking in the bible whether God exists :)

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                                      I PLAY TINKER AS COURIER SO WHAT? I DO WHAT I WANT TO DO, I AM 3 DIGIT MMR FIGHTER

                                      what is this place???

                                        @Carbuncle so much for 3 digit, all ur match Very High Skill... =.=


                                          "People are more likely to care about winning/climbing the MMR"

                                          This. There's such a huge variety of heroes, it's so painful to watch only so few of them.

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                                              Rly its the players versatility and flexibility. I play (successfully) many supps as carries, and grab items based on whats effective against my enemies, switchin from an item from brain-built build (can be quite weird yet good. includes dagon for wr to finish heroes off when they are free again, core for axe to heal whenever i spin, and more dagons for intel heroes for reasons, oh and i cant forget the stackin of stackable sources like cleave: bf for sven, and crit: dae for pa) to an item good against certain heroes, silver e. for bb, mkb for pa, bkb for spell heroes, etc)


                                                Got to love the people who diss anything different and aren't willing to even try it out. Fucking pansies, Dota2 is a game of endless possibilities if you are willing to try them out. "Hurr durr I cannot ever buy Halberd or Orchid on Tinker because the pros never do it", for example, is a bad way of thinking, IMO.

                                                That being said, please do not do stuff like support Void in ranked if you have no idea what you are doing. I think in unranked you can do whatever you want as long as you don't steal something from others (AKA don't go carry CM if your team has picked a carry) or grief. In ranked do whatever you are good at. Support Void is not optimal by any means, but it can work if the person knows what they are doing and the team plays around it. In Lumi's old pubcast some ~5k player went Wisp jungle carry and kicked ass. That is even more evidence for the versatility Dota2 can offer, as long as people know what they are doing.

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                                                  Players just don't get the flexibility of different heroes, many of them have never heard of such a thing as 'offlane np'.You pick him, you call offlane, you see a guy who's aggressivey shouts that np is strictly jungling hero

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                                                        Whaaaat?? My great kunnka..not even close ro 10!!!!
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