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July 13

  • Added Farm and Damage tabs to hero lists

July 12

  • Added Abaddon!
  • Added team selection option to Played with Me filter

July 11

  • Added Play With Me feature (Plus)

July 2

  • Added Hero attribute box, updated Hero skill data

June 25

  • Added China game server region

June 23

  • Add Player Reporting interface to report abusive behavior, inappropriate avatars or cheaters.

June 11

  • Add Compendium Matchmaking

June 3

  • Add South Africa game server region

May 31

  • Add ability to censor player avatars

May 21

  • Improved explanation of "Share Match History" setting.
  • Added new "Update Match History" button in FAQ and Enable Statistics pages that will allow players who have missing matches to request a profile update.

May 20

May 19

  • Fix issue where "Last Match" display was not being updated for all players.

May 10

  • Added support for Solo Matchmaking

May 1

  • Add Elder Titan

April 18

  • Add Skywrath Mage

March 27

  • Add Bristleback

March 13

  • Improve loading speed of many pages
  • Fix issue where player profile may not immediately display hero stats for latest game

March 10

  • Display message if Steam API is offline

March 1

  • Improve performance of timeline (Plus)

February 28

  • Added activity requirement to highest win rate player page
  • Removed DBR player rankings page

February 11

  • Added Team search
  • Added Picks and Ban tab for team matchmaking games

February 10

  • Added Team rankings
  • Added Team pages with matches and player roster
  • Added Team membership to Player pages

February 3

  • Remove highest level players list (levels cannot be updated)
  • Remove level from player profile (levels cannot be updated)
  • Remove DBR from player profile (dbr cannot be updated)

January 31

  • Add support for new API skill build data.
  • Improve match reconciliation for players who switch from private to public.

January 30

  • Fix issue where players with their privacy setting off would not have their past matches (that were recorded while their profile was private) excluded from their Dotabuff match history. All player matches will be recorded when a player toggles their profile to public and plays a new match.
  • Fix issue where players could toggle their privacy setting before a loss and have the match not count toward their lifetime history. Players who do this will have their losses recorded once they play another public match.

January 29

Switched to WebAPI for data collection. Known limitations include:

  • Friends list may only be partially available
  • Accuracy of knowing whether a match counted toward your lifetime statistics has decreased
  • Replay download links are not available for new matches
  • New player alias names are not currently available for new matches
  • New Lone druid items are not currently available for new matches
  • New Dotabuff Rating changes are not currently available for new matches
  • New skill build data is not currently available for new matches
  • New item build data is not currently available for new matches
  • New chat logs are not currently available for new matches
  • New picks and bans are not currently available for new matches
  • The sample size for skill bracket information will be much smaller based on data available for new matches
  • New data for Hero player rankings are not currently available based on data available for new matches
  • New data for Hero performances are not currently available based on data available for new matches
  • New cosmetic item data is not currently available for new matches

January 24

  • Add Dotabuff Rating (private and top 50)
  • Add Match Chat
  • Add Hero Skill builds
  • Add Picks and Bans for Captains Mode matches
  • Add Lone Druid spirit bear items to matches
  • Add Plus service

December 30

  • Added tooltips for Players
  • Updated the style of tooltips

December 21

  • Added Winter items
  • Updated item prices and effects
  • Fix KDA ratio on player heroes view to use new (K+A)/D formula
  • Add Advantage stat to matchups tab of Hero page.

December 20

  • Add Advantage and Disadvantage stats to matchup lists on Hero page. Advantage measures the matchup between two heroes regardless of their normal win rate. It is calculated by establishing their win rates both in and outside of the matchup and comparing the difference against a base win rate. The calculation is procedural and advantage/disadvantage results are not designed to be symmetrical.

December 19

  • Added win rate and popularity graphs for last 7 days to Hero page
  • Added Greeviling match type
  • Added list of recent Greeviling matches to player profile page
  • Add patch 6.77
  • Make player match listing filters automatically adjust incompatible settings

December 14

  • Change KDA formula to (K+A)/D across the site
  • Add KDA to "Most Played Heroes" view on Player page

December 11

  • Added Real match distinction for matchmaking matches that completed and count toward lifetime statistics
  • Added Real match filter to player match view
  • Fix firefox item spacing issue
  • Updated hero icons

December 7

  • Move filter controls
  • Small visual refreshes
  • Searchbox is only focused on home page

November 30

  • Add Europe East region, properly label Europe West

November 22

  • Added Dreamhack Winter matches

November 19

  • Upgrade database server for better performance
  • Searchbox is now focused by default on page load

November 15

  • Added Slark

November 8

  • Player match tabs are now filterable by game mode
  • Display game mode on player overview and match tab

October 29

  • Added Patch 6.76c

October 25

  • Added Patch 6.76
  • Added Centaur Warrunner

October 11

  • Added Dotafire guide integration on hero pages

October 5

  • Added the ability to filter by current or previous game patch (in the date range dropdown) on many areas of the site

October 4

  • Added top 50 lists for players by win rate, matches played, time spent playing and level obtained
  • Added verification for well known players and a verified players list

September 29

  • Added experience per minute, win and loss streak to player records page

September 27

  • Fixed people appearing twice in search

September 27

  • Fixed middle mouse button interaction with match rows

September 19

  • Added this changelog

September 15

  • Make the wole pagenumber box clickable instead of only the number

September 14

  • Fixed sorting bug

September 13

  • Added Steam profile link to player overview
  • Limit the amount of aliases shown on player overview
  • Shorten player names where needed

September 12

  • Updated Windrunner image
  • Added region to match pages

September 7

  • Added forums

September 6

  • Added Steam login
  • Added match commenting

August 27

  • Added tournament games to matches page

August 24

  • Added filters to records page
  • Make whole match rows clickable

August 23

  • Launched website!