Then and Now: Heroes of TodayBy KawaiiSocks on
Then and Now: Heroes of Today

It is no secret that meta in Dota is very seasonal in nature—every patch introduces nerfs and buffs which to a certain degree dictate what heroes are going to be more successful. Over the last several years we have made an almost full cycle with the available roster of heroes. Each similar-meta iteration was quite different, however, since the introduction of new items and heroes has an impact of its own. Today, with an almost complete roster of original heroes, as well as some new additions, it might be interesting to have a look at what heroes long forgotten are resurging.

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Then and Now: Heroes Of Recent PastBy eggs on
Then and Now: Heroes Of Recent Past

Does knowing the history of Dota matter? Newcomers, whether player or spectator, will see the meta that is playing today, without the context of what happened before. There are no history books for the revolving door of heroes in and out of the meta. The truth is that experience and knowledge, from both past and present, matters in a game with such a strict learning curve. Here’s an ode to recently passed heroes—gone, forgotten, but still part of the game.

Outworld Devourer—Return to the MetaBy KawaiiSocks on
Outworld Devourer—Return to the Meta

Throughout the history of Dota, many heroes have been considered overpowered and to a certain degree it is normal—some patches are going to favor certain heroes more. Very few, however, have ever reached the degree of strength Outworld Devourer once had—in the last year only 6.83 Sniper could potentially boast the same degree of popularity and success. Today we’ll discuss the return of OD into pub and pro metas and what changes have resulted in his rise to the top.

6.86: StarLadder & MDL Meta IndicationsBy Skim on
6.86: StarLadder & MDL Meta Indications

The Shanghai Major is about a month away and it’s then when we will see the true strengths of this patch. However, we very likely already have a good idea of what to expect. Let's talk about the MDL and StarLadder trends in the meta.

The Curse of Valve’s Recommended Items: Shadow BladeBy eggs on
The Curse of Valve’s Recommended Items: Shadow Blade

Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade? For Blink Dagger, its purpose is obvious for supports, as it unlocks the potential for long range initiation with stuns and ultimates. Shadow Blade’s purpose is a little more nuanced when it comes to fulfilling its uses for initiation, escape, or split push. What is not subtle, however, are the three heroes whom Valve has recommended Shadow Blade as a “core” item: Drow Ranger, Kunnka, and Sniper. It’s no surprise that Shadow Blade is among the top 3 most built items on these heroes in pubs, much to the detriment of everyone involved.

Connect your Dotabuff to Twitter and moreBy Skim on
Connect your Dotabuff to Twitter and more

Did you know that AdmiralBulldog has a YouTube Channel? Did you know that Dendi’s Twitter account is called “DendiBoss”? In this day and age, social media is all around us, but there is simply so much of it, that it becomes difficult to consume it all. It becomes easy to lose track of who’s on what and what username they have, simply because no platform is esports exclusive.

Our new social feature will help see through the jungle of twitter handles.

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